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Unleash Pleasure: Masturbation Techniques for Men & Women

There's a difference between regular jacking off and sensational masturbation sessions. You deserve ultimate pleasure during your solo-sex time. 

In this article, we will discuss top techniques for men and women to refine their skills and reach the best orgasms. 

Before You Begin…

Masturbation isn't as simple as seeking a blissful feeling and immediately getting off. None of these top techniques will work for you if you're not in the right headspace or environment. 

It's vital to feel comfortable before you strip down. Make sure you're in a private, safe space with the door locked. Turn on soothing music, your favorite porno, or a go-to erotic book to get in the mood.  

Experiment with creating an atmosphere that helps you let loose and take full advantage of your session. 

5 Moan-Worthy Masturbation Techniques for Men

Many men keep the same wanking routines from their teenage years. Your routine should age and evolve as you do. 

Here are the best masturbation tips for when you're ready to level up your masturbation game. 

Go Hands-Free

There's no doubt about it—masturbating is a hand-and-wrist intense activity, especially for men. 

This can be hard on the joints and take you out of the ideal wanking mindset. 

Investing in toy accessories allows you to go hands-free to your heart's content.

The best sex toy mounts are durable and user-friendly sex toys that easily let you sink into a snug toy hands-free. Here's how they work:

  1. Choose a location: Some mounts are designed to be used exclusively in the shower or the bedroom. You can mount a bathroom toy to a wall for ultimate standing enjoyment. Meanwhile, a bedroom toy isn't typically mountable and will involve different positions. 
  2. Choose a position: Now's the time to choose between ideal positions like doggy-style, missionary-style, corkscrew, and more. Many toys specify positions, so it can be helpful to get more than one device. 
  3. Decide between models: Each model has its own perks and unique pleasure options. Decide which new hands-free operation you'd like to try out first, and get ready to have your mind blown. 

All male masturbation techniques involve experimenting and taking things slow, so ease your way into hands-free pleasure for a truly enjoyable experience.

Bring Yourself to the Brink

Not all orgasms deliver the same earth-shattering pleasure. The stop-start technique can help build tension and give you a fantastic O. 

Here's what you do: Just before you finish, stop and let your body relax to build anticipation. Then start up again and take yourself to take the edge. Repeat as many times as you desire before finally pushing to orgasm. You can even tease the foreskin and testicles or give yourself a gentle handjob to build the tension. 

This technique can also help build sexual stamina for partnered sex, so it's an excellent method to work into your routine. 

Invest in a Fleshlight (or Other Toys!)

Fleshlight is the household name in sex toys for a reason. Our discreet, high-quality toys are made to bring you unimaginable pleasure. Check out our range of sex toys and bring home a premier partner in masturbation. 

We have toys in a wide range of specialties:

  • Simulate anal sex
  • Designed after top porn stars
  • Simulate vaginal sex
  • Model a top blowjob
  • And more

There's a Fleshlight toy ideal for every preference, orientation, and gender. 

Explore the Male G-Spot

Male masturbation isn't just about the penis and balls. The male G-spot, or more officially the prostate, is a fantastic organ that delivers powerful sensations. 

You can stimulate the prostate with any bum action. Fingers and sex toys both work to rub and grind at your G-spot, sending pleasure straight to your dick. 

Try Two Hands

It may feel more natural to use one hand when wanking, and that's completely normal. However, a little two-handed action can deliver novel sensations and stunning pleasure. 

Try to start a session using one hand, then switch to two halfway to really experience this excellent masturbation technique. Don't forget to lube up and kick back. 

5 Mind-Blowing Masturbation Techniques for Women

Female masturbation is just as taboo as male masturbation, if not more. But the female body is capable of astounding self-sex pleasure. 

The clitoris alone has 8,000 nerve endings, so learning to masturbate with different techniques and resources can literally blow your mind. 

Check out these top tricks and tips to revolutionize your self-pleasure experience. 

Add Toys into the Mix 

Fingers are fun, and you can't discount a true classic, but toys offer endless options for pleasure. Female sex toys include options like:

  • Dildos: Some of these top toys are even modeled after your favorite porn stars, so you'll feel like you're right in the action. 
  • Vibrators: There are many, many types of vibrators. Some are designed for clit pleasure, while others are ideal for vaginal stimulation. 

Access which toys are ideal for your tastes and get to experimenting. 

Test Backdoor Pleasure

Anal stimulation is another form of masturbation that some women enjoy—just make sure you don't use toys in the front and back without cleaning in between. 

A solid anal solo session involves going slow, using plenty of lube, and simultaneous vag/clit stimulation. You can even experiment with anal beads and other anal toys.

Don’t Forget the Lube

Lube isn't just vital for bum masturbation. Adding silicone or water-based lube to your solo sesh can make everything go a lot smoother. 

Women, unlike men, can get wet quickly. These vaginal secretions can be very handy for masturbation sessions, but you shouldn't have to rely on your own ejaculation to jack off. 

Using body-safe lube means that you never have to wait to feel pleasure, and dry areas like your bum can stay damp and enjoyable. 

Hold Off Just a Little Longer

There are few sexual sensations quite as unique as edging. This technique requires beginning the masturbation process and then slowing down and speeding up. 

This tension build-up leads to a fantastic orgasm. Since the female orgasm can occur multiple times in quick succession, this method can be used to produce stronger and stronger orgasms. 

Practice edging in combination with lube and sex toys for a fantastic result and multiple orgasms that take your breath away. 

Stimulate All Your Erogenous Zones  

An erogenous zone is an area of the body that can be teased and produce sexual excitement. 

Women have plenty of erogenous zones that can help lead to completion. There is no true medical directory of female erogenous zones, but the following parts of your body are some of the most common:

  • Breasts
  • Mouth
  • Nape of the neck
  • Buttocks
  • Inner thighs
  • Lower abdomen/pubic area
  • Vulva
  • Inner wrist

Rub on an erogenous zone to start your session and slowly ease your way into vaginal or clitoral stimulation. This is like a solo form of foreplay and will build tension, resulting in a longer-lasting, more powerful orgasm.  

Spice Up Your Grand Finale With Fleshlight

Men and women deserve a solo-sex life that’s exciting and chalked full of sexual pleasure. Don’t rely on a showerhead or plain fingers; let Fleshlight’s premier toys spice up your solo play. 

From realistic sex sleeves to the best pornstar pocket pussy, we have the products to rock your world. 

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