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Feel the vibes with a vibrating male masturbator

A vibrating male masturbator (also known as a pocket pussy) is the next level of pleasure and stimulation. Like vibrating cock rings or prostate massagers, this tool uses real vibration. The male vibrator pulses throughout the inner sleeve to grip and tease your entire shaft. It's battery-powered for easy replacement and designed to feel just like the real thing. 

You may be wondering how these male sex toys differ from regular pocket pussies. Your classic transportable masturbation sleeves are pretty basic. These adult toys commonly have the following features:

  • No vibration modes
  • Limited grip
  • Shorter shaft length 

The pulsing of the vibrating stroker changes everything, allowing for encompassing stimulation and deeper thrusts, guaranteed to leave you happy. Imagine vibrations that are like the ultimate deep-throat stroker from your dream blowjob.

What to look for in a vibrating pocket pussy

The best vibrating pocket pussy can be heaven in a bottle. However, some male stroker models may be a good fit while some may not match your jack-off preferences. Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Material – The texture and sensations of a real vagina are challenging to recreate in a durable pocket pussy. Look for a device that carefully engineers this stretchy texture. You want a grip that doesn't irritate and a soft feeling that doesn't give way after just a few sessions. 
  • Design – Some vibrating pocket pussies are longer than others. Consider your length and girth when choosing a tool. You'll also want to look for a more discreet, simple design (you’re not trying to haul around full-size sex dolls here) with a plush entrance for ultimate vaginal, anal, or oral sex realism. 
  • Power – A little wimpy vibration from some off-brand Amazon toy won't cut it. The Fleshlight series uses three vibrating bullets whose power travels to each of the concentric fingers along the length of the shaft. You won't know what hit you (you're welcome). 
  • Interior – Get a vibrating pussy that pulses and grips like the real thing. The interior should have bumps, ridges, and fingers that stimulate your entire member. 
  • Preference – Sometimes (or all the time), you want to hit it from the back. Look for a pocket pussy line that also offers an option for the backdoor. The Vibro™ Butt may be the anal sex magic you're looking for. 

Keep these features in mind and you'll end up with your new favorite solo-sex device. Here are just a few more notes to remember before you buy a pocket pussy. 

  1. Check the reviews: Good reviews mean everything. The seller's website, sites like Reddit, and word of mouth offer valuable insight into a product's capabilities. A device is likely popular for a good reason. 
  2. Consider your needs: Are you trying to get off whenever you want? Are you looking to use the pocket pussy with a sexual partner? Or are you hoping for some solo play endurance/stamina training? Some pocket pussies may not be the best fit for all these goals. Look for a versatile, durable product.  

The Fleshlight Vibro is designed to put other vibrating male masturbators to shame. Our advanced sex technology has been honed to ultimate perfection. With the realistic design, intense stimulation, and incredible feel, you'll cum with confidence every time. 

How to use your vibrating male masturbator

Using a vibrating male masturbator shouldn't be confusing, but there are some things you should know to get the optimum use out of your new tool. Here are some general tips to follow:

  1. Use lots of lube: Use a water-based lube and don't be shy with the application. Rubbing yourself raw is a real thing and can leave your head itchy, red, and irritated. Liberal lube application will avoid this painful situation and make your masturbator feel more like a real vagina. 
  2. Flaccid or hard: Some models can be used, whether flaccid or hard. For example, you can use the masturbation cup vibration to tease your flaccid member or just crack away when you're already hard. 
  3. Let the toy do the work or thrust: Don't underestimate the power of the vibration patterns. You can insert your penis and allow the hands-free masturbator to work its magic. Alternatively, you can thrust to replicate sex. And don't worry about being too aggressive. These tools can take a pounding. 
  4. Solo or couples play: A vibrating pocket pussy can spice up your sex life or serve as the ultimate self-pleasure tool for the ultimate penis pump. The choice is yours.   
  5. Hygiene first: Heads up, beginners – all sex toys, from dildos to anal toys, need to be cleaned. Fleshlight offers top-of-the-line anti-bacterial cleaners that are ideal for your vibrating male massager. And remember, using a toy cleaner after sessions will keep your tool functional for years. 
  6. Have spare batteries: Ensure you have spare batteries on hand for when your power's getting low. The best sex toys are loaded with battery life, but any simulator will run low. Once you notice less intense vibrations, it's time to change the batteries; there’s no need to keep track of rechargeable wires or plug-ins. 

There are plenty of ways to use vibrating sex toys for men. Get creative and settle in for the best orgasm of your life. Purchase today and discover how multiple points of continuous vibration can rock your world. 

Getting good vibrations with Fleshlight

Fleshlight Vibro is the only choice for vibrating male masturbation toys. Our devices are made with SuperSkin silicone, just like the original Fleshlight best sellers. This technology allows for a serious grip and feel. Allow the intense sensation and durable design to blow your mind every time. 

Plus, with our Bullet Replacement, you can add even more vibration to your sleeve. The selections at Fleshlight are incomparable and let you pick the perfect tool for your ideal session.  

Check out the Vibro™ Lady for a classic handheld vibrating pussy or the Vibro™ Butt for some fantastic anal play. Check out all the best male masturbators and men's sex toys at Fleshlight.