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More Info about Fleshlight's Cases

When you need a discreet way to keep your Fleshlight stored when you are not using the sleeve, the Fleshlight case is a natural choice. These cases are dual purpose as they keep the sleeve protected from dust while helping you maintain your privacy. In fact, because the cases look like an ordinary flashlight, you can keep them in a drawer or under your bed without anyone giving them a second look.

The Tushy Branded Sleeve

If you are looking for something sleek, smooth, and a little bit fancy to hold your favorite Fleshlight sleeve, try the Fleshlight case. It is 10 inches long, a measurement that fits all of the 9-inch Pink Lady, Butt Orifice, and Original Fleshlight sleeves. The end cap screws on and off so that you can adjust the amount of suction during your alone time. Tighten it up and get more suction, or loosen it and glide right in. Adjusting the tension also offers a fun way to practice your bedroom performance during your leisure time.

The Vibro Case

Those looking for an unusual color can try the metallic jade Vibro Fleshlight protector. It fits all of your favorite 9-inch Fleshlight sleeves. If you have a collection of sleeves, you could use this recognizable color for your favorite one, whether that is the naughty Butt Orifice or the oral toy. If you do not have these sleeves yet, check out some deals on additional products and start expanding your Fleshlight collection.

Watch Your Performance

If you enjoy watching your performance, try the clear case for your Fleshlight sleeves. This is the best Fleshlight case if you want to see yourself in action. If your partner enjoys seeing you pleasure yourself, the clear case for your Fleshlight would also make an exciting addition to your collection of couples' toys and lubes.


Pick Your Favorite Color

Since you can pick your favorite Fleshlight sleeve, image, video, or fantasy while using your toy, why not also pick your favorite color when choosing a case? The cases come in pearly white like your preferred playmate's smile. They also come in black, silver, and gold for a masculine touch. You could even take things up a notch and grab a hands-free or shower mount for Fleshlight cases. The sturdy mounts enable you have stimulating experiences in the shower or anywhere else you would like. These cases for your Fleshlight sleeves provide you with unlimited and exciting pleasure experiences during your alone time.