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Our couple’s toys take foreplay and kinky sex to the next level. Made from body-safe silicone and other durable materials, our products are designed to hit your partner’s erogenous zones and turn date night into your dream night. Break out that water-based lube and your brand-new couples vibrator, hands-free butt plug, or other top toys, and get ready for greatness.

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Should couples use sex toys?

There are already plenty of options, tastes, and positions you can indulge in toyless sex. Your hands, genitals, mouths, and clever mind can lead to hours of enjoyment in the bedroom. The best sex toys add an extra layer to the experience and can help get you out of a slump. Here are some of the solid reasons couples should bring toys into the bedroom and get to experimenting: 

First, testing out your new personal toy in front of or with your partner is inherently hot. Bringing them along for the ride as you dive into your own BDSM sexual fantasy and work one out is the best two-for-one special. Plus, they can see exactly how you use the dildo to work your clitoris or place the bullet vibrator in just the right part of your anus, helping them learn more about your body. Not to mention that a see-through fleshlight gives your partner the perfect view of your pleasure every time. 

Second, toys can broach a new area of sexual experience that calls for more communication and trust, building intimacy in your relationship. It's always great to try new things with your partner and discuss what works and what doesn't. This process builds trust and encourages sexual vulnerability. 

Third, carefully picking out a new strap-on or bendable clitoral vibrator and waiting in delicious anticipation will build sexual tension. The inevitable climax will be that much more powerful after the wait.  

Keep in mind that any sex toy you bring into partner play is automatically a couple's sex toy. This can range from wand vibrators to cock rings to anal plugs with vibration settings and anything in between. So get to searching for your ideal toy and prepare for a mind-blowing adventure. 

How do I ask about bringing sex toys into partner play?

Every person has different sexual expectations. For some beginners, the idea of bringing a small perineum vibrator into the bedroom would be a huge step. For others, whips and rechargeable vibrating anal plugs are standard play. 

Start gently with your partner, first broaching the idea of bringing a simple toy out during sex and making sure they're comfortable during the experience. 

Remember to discuss toys before whipping one out. Your partner may know that you're into remote control finger vibrators and be down with getting a little spicy, but it's always best to talk things out beforehand. 

There's a chance that they won't be interested in any toy massager play at all. There's also a chance they'll come to you with fun ideas for adding new toys to your sex life. Maybe they’ve secretly always been a fan of vulva play or wanted to bring special condoms into penetrative sex. Be open to their opinions and concerns and look through top couples' toys together as a unit. 

How can couples use sex toys together?

Toys really are a whole new ball game for many couples. From g-spot vibrators to prostate massagers to wearable vibrators, the whole situation can be overwhelming with so many options. Here are some top tips for making it easy to add toys to the bedroom for the first time:

  1. Consider wearable toys: While it's true that any toy can be a sex toy, wearable toys that will stay in place and don't require as much finagling may be easier to start with. Think of a wearer as something like a standard anal kit or even stimulating gel. 
  2. Pick a genre: Are you guys really into clitoral stimulation? Maybe you want to add some more anal play? Looking to spice up some G-spot stimulation during oral sex? Pick an area of the body or a position you'd like to enhance and select a toy that works for that 'genre' of your new kinky sex life. 
  3. Pair masturbation time with couples time: If you or your partner already have a preferred toy for solo-play time, then bring that type of toy into the bedroom. This can make for an easier transition into couples' sex toys, and it’s incredibly intimate and personal to be included in your partner's self-pleasure. 
  4. Enhance your long-distance relationship: There are tons of long-distance sex toys made with complex Bluetooth app-controlled systems and vibration patterns that only a software engineer could grasp. Really, all you need is the excitement of pulling out the toys you picked together, a long phone call, and maybe a blindfold to kink things up. 
  5. Remember your value: Some people feel inadequate or unwanted at the idea of bringing toys into the sex life. Remember or remind your partner that toys only enhance what you already have. It's your partner giving you the orgasm, whether guided by their hands or a panty vibrator/stroker toy. 

There are many, many ways to use couples' toys. The key is adaptability and working with your partner to discover what works for both of you. A solid experience adding toys to the bedroom is like a good session with a sex therapist educator, fulfilling and enlightening.

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Fleshlight products are made with only the highest quality materials and are designed to last. Your new discreet couples sex toy from Fleshlight will bring you and your partner to the edge over and over again. 

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