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What is a male masturbator?

The male masturbation classic go-to is the trusty hand. But the gold standard in masturbation has changed over the years, and new methods of solo play innovate the game. The new male masturbator is a device that simulates sex, including oral sex and anal sex. 

Fleshlight remains unmatched in male sex toys, with tools like the Stamina Training Unit™ Lady and the Turbo Thrust™ at the top of best sellers lists. 

We maintain that the best sex toys should be customizable to your preferences. That's why we offer devices with different gripping intensities, lengths, ribbed designs, vibration patterns, and more. 

The ideal male masturbator should be your bedside buddy for solo play and exciting couples action. Let's get into the dirty details and explore what male masturbators can offer. 

Types of male masturbators

There are a variety of toys included in male masturbators, but most can be filed into two main categories: sleeves and strokers. These terms are also often used interchangeably as they're very similar. 

A sleeve refers specifically to a device that completely envelops the penis, while a stroker may only cover part of the shaft at a time. (Typically, toys like remote control cock rings and dildos are not included in the male masturbator genre.)

Included in these categories are tools like stroking simulators, vibrating pocket pussies, and mouth/anal/pussy options. Here are some general categories to be aware of. 

  • Open vs. Closed: An open device has holes on either end, typically for double points of insertion. The double opening also allows for easy cleaning with warm water or a top-of-the-line toy cleaner. A closed device has only one opening but typically allows for better suction and grip control. 
  • Vibrating vs. Self-Powered: A rechargeable male stroker uses powerful vibrations to up the intensity for a more hands-free massager experience. Some of the best-vibrating masturbators can even be programmed with different vibration modes. A self-powered tool is operated by hand pumping for a more controlled experience.  
  • Full-Sleeve vs. Part-Sleeve: This refers to the length of the sex toy. A full sleeve should envelop your entire member, while a part sleeve may only work the tip or part of your shaft. Both can be a great time; varieties are often used for endurance training. 
  • Travel vs. Heavy Duty: Many sex toys for men don’t travel well (especially items like heavy-duty sex dolls). This can be perfectly fine for an at-home device. However, an on-the-go masturbation sleeve is a high-quality tool that comes with travel equipment and a more sleek design. 

There are plenty of male masturbators to choose from, and adding to your collection is half the fun. There are also some qualifications that all the best male masturbators should have. Every penis stimulation tool should be made of body-safe silicone. Not only does this material feel like the real thing, but it’s also the safest way to get off with a fun device. 

Also, most adult sex toys aren’t self-lubricating, so every self-pleasure toy should be used with a liberal lube application.

Are there benefits to using male masturbators?

Do you have pent-up sexual energy? Or are you looking to get creative during your solo play time? Male masturbators are a surefire way to have a great time while getting off. 

Plus, there are many other benefits to using male masturbators. These toys are clearly not real vaginas or anuses and offer novel sensations that will blow your mind. It's challenging to describe the slick, grippy feel of a male masturbator; you've got to try it for yourself. 

Male masturbators can also help you overcome issues like premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and even erectile dysfunction in your sex life. These tools allow you to simulate sex in a safe, controlled environment. You’ll be able to learn what works and what doesn't before your next sexual encounter. 

Even better, these sex toys are also a great addition to bedroom time with your partner. Many couples love adding toys to their routine. Discover exciting new ways of getting down and dirty with male masturbators. 

Our top 3 male masturbators

At Fleshlight, we offer a huge variety of male masturbator sex toys. Check out our top three automatic male masturbators to find your next bedside friend.

  • Stamina Training Unit™ Lady: This intense training device is designed to exactly replicate the sensations of real intercourse, helping you increase endurance and hone techniques that will wow your partner. 
  • Boost - Blow: This toy is the deepthroat champ with unique chambers simulating the lips, mouth, and throat. The Boost - Blow suction control makes any orgasms other-worldly, a fantastic blowjob machine. 
  • Quickshot Vantage™: This tool is less than half the size of the standard sleeve for easy transportation and insane control; it’s great for beginners. Try either end for the ultimate stimulation. 

These popular male masturbators offer three unique ways to get off and make for a great night. There are even more options with the rest of the Fleshlight lines. You’ll be sure to find your ideal male sex toy that will last for ages. Check out our state-of-the-art toys for the ultimate masturbator. 

Enhance your solo sex game with Fleshlight

There are plenty of options when it comes to picking out a new male masturbator. You may be looking for an endurance upper to help you last longer, a vibration machine to finish you in a flash, or the tool perfect for spicing up couples’ play. 

At the end of the day, you need a durable, pleasurable, and discreet device. At Fleshlight, we take you from foreplay to all the way with excellent male masturbator cups.  

Our goal at Fleshlight is to provide superior products that precisely fit your needs. Check out our best sellers, Fleshlight Girls collection, and a plethora of body-safe accessories. Don't forget to read through our many reviews and see for yourself how a Fleshlight product changes the masturbation game.