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Do you want to last longer so that you can give your partner more pleasure in the bedroom? The Fleshpump makes this possible no matter your size. With this sex toy, you can work on building your size and your stamina during your alone time. The power of the pump means that your hand gets a break, and the end results can be directed wherever you would like them to go.

Gain Stamina and Build Performance

The original Fleshpump uses an automatic vacuum to gradually draw blood into the shaft of your member. This builds girth and leads to a safe erection. You operate it with two buttons to build the vacuum and release it, so you don't have to wear your hand out with manual pumping. The vacuum is so quiet that your roommates won't know what you're up to in the bedroom. The pump is designed to improve your power and performance with a stronger and firmer erection. With a total length of 13 inches and an insertable length of 8 inches, it accommodates most men. It pairs well with the other Fleshlight stamina training products, allowing you to deliver more pleasure to your partner.

Power Up in the Bedroom

Building a more powerful erection doesn't have to be dull when you have the Fleshpump Performance Pack. This set includes the pump for enhancing your erections and the stamina training unit for working on your performance and power. The stamina training unit has a supple pink lady orifice with a clit hood and full lips for your pleasure. The inside of the unit is studded with beads, providing your member with a full 360 degrees of stimulation from tip to base. The sturdy unit is ready for your thrusting, and you can use it in any position that you desire. This pack also comes with a sample of lube made just for the pump. If you need lube for the stamina unit, you could try out one of the other water-based lube products to see which one delivers the most satisfying feelings.

Practice Different Positions

Another important aspect of performance in the bedroom is the ability to achieve and maintain your erection in a variety of positions. If she likes it doggy style or in the shower, you'll want to practice so that you can deliver results when she demands it. Consider combining your pump and the stamina training unit with one or more of the hands-free

Fleshlight mounts. There are hands-free stabilizers for doggy style and shower mounts for a warm, wet ride. The best penis pump from Fleshlight will help you build stamina and performance to give your partner what she's looking for.