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More Info about Fleshlight's Mounts & Hands-Free

If you haven't used your Fleshlight in the shower, you're missing out on an incredible experience. Instead of using artificial lubes and sleeve warmers, you can take the Fleshlight to the shower where warm water will drench you and increase the sensation of your next steamy shower. Everyone has had a fantasy about shower sex with an incredible lover who makes your entire body tingle and rocks you to your very core. This shower mount will take that fantasy to the next level and leave you begging for more.

Close Your Eyes and Enjoy

This is a hands-free experience that you can't get without the shower mount. This attachment has a suction base, so you can attach this at any level on your shower wall. The mount can be adjusted to the perfect angle quite easily. After you've attached the mount to the wall, place your hands on the wet surface of the wall and close your eyes. Your fantasy is about to become more realistic and explosive. Imagine pinning her to the wall as water rushes down your bodies. The fantasy could involve oral or regular sex depending on the type of Fleshlight you use in the shower mount.

Features of the Shower Mount

The suction cup means that you can place this on almost any surface. The possibilities are endless. When your imagination brings you to an erotic place and fantasy dictates a certain position, the simple wing nut can be adjusted on the Fleshlight shower mount to help with that positioning. You won't be frustrated with a product that fails to perform immediately to aid your fantasy. When you want to simulate the realistic sensations of sex with a fantasy lover, this mount is absolutely a must-have for your next shower. The mount comes with instructions to get the most out of the accessory. It's compatible with most Fleshlight products.

With the Fleshlight shower mount, you'll be able to boost and enhance your shower fantasy. It will allow you to experience a hands-free sexual adventure that's wet, wild and unlike anything you've felt before. Whatever your fantasy may involve, the shower mount can be adjusted to accommodate your needs. Whether you want to envision a beautiful woman on her knees while she takes you into her mouth or you fantasize about having her pinned against the wall of the shower while you pound away, this mount will be there for you.