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Best Dildos for Women

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You know you've always wanted to. Now you can. Fleshlight has curated some of the best dildos for women available on the market today. While your pleasure is paramount, the elegance and even sheer beauty of both the design and materials used in these toys elevate them above the ordinary.

Artfully crafted glass and sleek metal vie for your attention, and the thoughtfully designed ridges, smooth bumps and sleek lines will treat you to pleasurable experiences you'll want to indulge in again and again. These toys are a visual treat for the eyes in equal measure to their enjoyment as some of the best dildos for women.

Gläs Callisto Glass Dildo

Fashioned from high-quality borosilicate glass, this beautiful toy features a languidly unfolding spiral design of smooth raised glass down its crystal clear length. While captivating to the eye, its real purpose lies in titillating the walls of the vagina as it glides in and out to produce indescribable sensations that will leave you clamoring for a little more "me time" with your new toy. Add a little lubricant in Fleshlight's signature Fire or Ice for a tingly sensation that is sure to heighten any experience.

Gläs Spiral Glass Dildo

Deep cobalt blue and the perfect clarity of crystal characterize the lavishly spiraled design of this enchanting toy. The bulbous end offers the tantalizing promise of a uniquely pleasurable experience right from the start. The piece is accented by the smooth undulations of each ridge and valley created by the deep blue spiral pattern. The opposite end is fashioned from a flat plane of glass that allows the toy to stand upright when not in use. Almost as pretty as an art piece, this toy is a true beauty.

nJoy Fun Wand

Women's dildos take a futuristic turn in nJoy's groundbreaking design. Three beautifully fashioned balls along the shaft promise to stimulate your every inch with perfectly spaced bursts of pleasure. Use the other end of this slightly S-shaped toy to target your G-spot for a particularly delicious sensation. Dual use makes this one of the best dildos for women you can find.

nJoy Pure Wand

Sleek and elegant, the Pure Wand distills its pleasurable design down to the basics in this discreet toy. Its deeply curved design and ball-shaped end will easily stimulate your hidden depths while the smooth material quickly warms to body temperature for a delightful tactile sensation. The weight of the metal also gives this toy a nice heft that adds subtly to the experience. Whether your playtime is a languid indulgence or a quick ride, the Pure Wand offers exactly what you need.

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