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Fleshlight’s realistic dildos are made in the USA with high-quality, body-safe silicone and molded after top male stars' anatomy. Every curve, vein, and texture will get you going in a heartbeat. Our dildo sex toys are compatible with the Dildo Suction Cup for hands-free fun or one of our Dildo Handles for a more controlled experience. Whatever your preference, Fleshlight has the dildo for you.

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What is a realistic dildo?

Many dildos available on the market are futuristic-looking rods without the coloring, head, and textured shaft of the real thing. A realistic dildo is a sex toy that looks and feels like an actual penis. They usually have a dual-density design with a soft outside and firm inner dong for that real feel. 

A standard dildo may feel artificial or fail to get you in the mood. If you're looking for some strap-on fun, a realistic dildo blends in with your actual skin tone, making the experience much more lifelike.  

These sex toys are customizable for girth, length, angle, coloring, and more. Finding the ideal realistic dildo can be tough, but this guide offers all the insider tips for purchasing the best one. 

Finding the best realistic dildo for you 

How you get off is personal and hyper-specific to your tastes. Similarly, picking the perfect dildo all comes down to preference. Here are some factors to look at and consider before purchasing: 

  • Material Most dildos are made of high-quality medical-grade silicone. The right type of silicone closely imitates the feel of skin, so it glides, stretches, and pulls just like a real member. Some metal dildos and glass dildos exist, but most of these aren't realistic and can cause pain if used incorrectly. 
  • Size/Girth When it comes to size and girth, the world is your oyster. Do you like them thick and short, or maybe you prefer long pleasers? There are realistic dildos in any size and thickness. For your first time, stick with models less than nine inches and avoid a fake cock girthier than two inches at its slimmest. You want an enjoyable ride, not a painful one. 

Large dildos may not phase the more experienced, but remember, if you want a usable vaginal or anal dildo, consider what you can actually take. 

  • Shape/Texture Many real-life penises curve at different degrees, and the right curve can hit fantastic angles. A straight member is the perfect G-spot dildo. Veining in the shaft and ridges along the balls can deliver insane anal/clitoral stimulation and contribute to that lifelike appearance. 
  • Firmness – You want a fake penis hard enough to impale but soft enough not to bruise immediately. The best-selling realistic dildos achieve this with a tough and rigid inner core. This perfectly imitates the hardness of the real thing. 
  • Extras – A dildo self-play session can leave your arm and wrist exhausted. Suction cup dildo stands, or extra extenders can make it easy to cum at any angle, anywhere (without exhausting you before you get to the finish line). When it comes to your sex life, strap-on dildos for pegging add a whole new level of fun and excitement. Not every realistic dildo comes with these add-ons, so make sure you read the fine print. 

Whether you’re looking for the ideal adult toys for double penetration, the best dildos for anal play, or huge dildos with wild insertable lengths, the top realistic sex toy should be crafted just for you and get you cumming every time. 

How to use a realistic dildo

There are so many options when it comes to pleasure with a dildo, from inventive anal sex to a strap-on harness, vaginal penetration fetish, and more. So whether you're getting freaky with a partner or having some killer solo play, these tips can help get you started. 

  • Lots of lube. Firstly, apply lots of water-based lubricants to the head and shaft of the dildo.
  • Slow but steady. Slowly insert the tip of the thrusting dildo into your vagina or anus. As you get used to the sensation — which can be intense at first — you can insert more of the shaft.
  • Experiment away! When you are comfortable, experiment with different techniques, such as thrusting, rotating, or angling the dildo to feel different sensations. You can even try fun masturbation tricks like temperature play during anal penetration or continuous g-spot stimulation. 

Some rechargeable vibrating dildos, double-ended dildos, or strapless strap-on massagers may require a more intensive setup and take longer to get used to. 

Many of the standard realistic dildos on the market may be girthier or longer than you're used to. Remember, practice makes perfect, and in no time, you'll be easily taking your new king cock to the base. 

Cleaning your dildo post-play

Like any sex toy, realistic dildos require some regular cleaning and maintenance. In general, you should always check manufacturer-recommended cleaning instructions. These manufacturers may even offer cleaners specifically designed for your new toy. 

Most companies will recommend just a sex toy cleaner and warm water for all their silicone dildos. Mild soap will also do the trick in a pinch. Just never forget to rinse the dildo and dry it thoroughly before storage. Remember to store your realistic dildos in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, you’ll be coming home to a soft dildo. 

Keep these cleaning tips in mind, and your dildo will stay pristine for years to come. 

Add the perfect dildo to your toy drawer from Fleshlight

At Fleshlight, we produce the highest quality discreet dildos modelled after your favorite adult stars. These realistic curves and girths will make you feel like you're in the middle of a spicy, sexy porno. 

See what Johnny Sins veiny member can do for you or how Manuel Ferrara can rock your world. All of our dildos can be used with a top-quality suction cup or extra dildo accessories for twice the fun. Check out the full Fleshlight line of realistic dildos for the experience of a lifetime.