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At Fleshlight, we house the largest collection of real pornstar sex toys from all your favorite celebrities. Get that real feel and grip with Fleshlight.

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Bring your fantasies to life with a pornstar sex toy

Ever watched Lana Rhoades gag like a champ or Lisa Ann get the world’s best cream pie and want to jump straight into the film? The world of sex toys has evolved to include tools beyond your wildest dreams. Nowadays, you can get off to the real-life molded vagina, penis, or anus of your favorite pornstar. Mia Malkova and Tori Black, here you come. 

At Fleshlight, we design molded adult star toys in several categories, including Fleshlight Girls, Fleshjack Boys, and Fleshlight Guys. Every device is precisely molded to the exact specifications and dimensions of the performer. The body-safe silicone offers a supreme feel and grip, so you don't have to wonder what it feels like to get inside your favorite star. 

Why use a pornstar sex toy or masturbator?

Porn star masturbators transport you directly into your go-to adult films. These toys are an excellent way to build up your collection and offer a truly interactive experience. 

Every one of these toys adds excitement and variety to your solo sex life. Enjoy the real feel of your favorite porn stars. Every Fleshlight adult star device feels like real skin and has unique inner textures specific to the porn star of your choosing. These novelties are better than sex dolls since their fantastic pussy stroker/deep-throat action is easily transportable. 

Who wouldn't want to watch their favorite porn star while also feeling like you're truly fucking them?

These toys also offer an excellent way to get wild with your partner. Maybe you've watched porn together and used other suction cup sex toys or pussy masturbators. With these toys, you and your partner can both get in on the action. 

These tools are versatile and thrilling to try out. Plus, using a porn star toy makes you feel like a celebrity yourself; becoming an adult star has never been so easy. 

Our top 3 porn star sex toys

Choosing a favorite sex star toy is next to impossible, and your favorite masturbator is all down to personal preference. 

Often selecting just one toy or adding to your collection can be tough with so many lovely stars to choose from, and Fleshlight has the largest roster of the most popular adult stars who we directly mold products from. So we've helped you out by narrowing down our top selections from our expansive stock of top celebrities. 

Our top performers are guaranteed to please. Imagine watching your favorite BDSM Asa Akira porno while sliding your member into an exact replica of her pussy. It's priceless. 

FAQS about pornstar sex toys and masturbators 

Pornstar sex toys and masturbators are a specific niche within the sex toy industry, and it's normal to have questions. Here are the most common inquiries and answers to your pressing questions. 

  • Does every porn star have a pocket pussy or masturbator? — No, not every porn star will have a special toy for your pleasure. Newer stars and niche stars may take longer to have a device molded after them. However, you may be surprised at just how many stars do have a sex toy. 
  • How do I clean my sex toy? — There is a wide breadth of sex toys available in the porn star toy category, and each may require a slightly different cleaning process. Generally, you should wash your toy out with water after every session. Make sure to take a toy cleaner to it every once in a while to keep it functioning for years to come. 
  • Are pussies the only option? — Whatever your preference, there's a toy for you. You can choose between toys modeled after top stars' anuses, mouths, and even penises. Imagine owning a custom dildo and backdoor hole set from your top male porn star. The fetish possibilities are endless. 
  • Where are the porn star toys made? — At Fleshlight, every massager we sell is made in the United States. We take quality and safety very seriously, and making toys locally helps us control the process and deliver a top-notch tool. 
  • Will my toy look like the star's real opening? — Yes, the opening of the masturbator is designed to precisely look and feel like the star's vulva or anus. The real-life designs only add to the experience of pounding away at your favorite celebrity. 
  • Will I need lube? — Like all sex toys, these male masturbators require lube. You can control the feel of your orgasms and experience by adding more or less lube. Make your pornstar blowjob as clean or as sloppy as you’d like. 

These pocket pals are created to be the ultimate bedroom treat. The feeling of cumming inside an actual top-performing porn star is unreal, and with these toys, you can do it over and over again. 

Shop all your adult toy needs at Fleshlight

Fleshlight is the one-stop shop for all your sex toy needs. We deliver bombastic sex toys in discreet shipping for the ideal masturbation session. 

Our lines of porn star toys are durable, diverse, and designed to please. Bring Autumn Falls with you on the go, let Abella Danger take you to new heights, and give Kendra Lust all you’ve got. Our roster ranges from zero-tolerance MILFs to lingerie belladonnas and everything in between. 

From vibrators to butt plugs to strap-ons, check out our other toys for even more bedroom fun. Popular lines include the Classics, which has been serving for over 20 years, and the Go line, which slides right into your carry-on for convenient head-on-the-go. 

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