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The Fleshlight Ice collection features products that you need to see to believe. Do you love that little pink toy you have at home but always wished there was a way to see every stroke? Thanks to these products, now you can. You can see every inch of you as you slip inside to enhance your experience. You can shop for individual products as well as some great packages.

See Inside the Ice Lady

Whether you love oral sex or good old-fashioned skin on skin, you'll enjoy using clear Fleshlights like the Ice Lady. As the first of the clear products in this collection, it takes the idea of the classic Fleshlight and turns it on its head. Run your hands over the soft lips on the tip as you slip your own tip inside before you experience the sensation of different textures running along your shaft. The clear sleeve also lets your partner get in on the action. You may even find that watching you turns your partner on as much as it pleases you.

Stimulating Anal Fun

With the Ice Butt, you can experience all the fun of anal play with none of the cleanup. Designed to blow your mind each and every time, the Ice Butt comes with a clear sleeve made to look like real crystal and a butt sleeve that slips inside. As soon as that sleeve wraps around your shaft, you'll find yourself in anal heaven. You also get a clear case for convenient storage.

Share the Fun

Clear Fleshlights and other products let you share the fun with someone special. A popular favorite is the Quickshot Vantage, which is a fraction of the size of the original Fleshlight. While you can use this in your personal fantasies and when masturbating by yourself, you can also use it as a sexual toy with someone else. Just imagine seeing her gorgeous lips wrapped around your most sensitive area as she sucks and teases from the opposite end. That sensation just might make your eyes roll back as pleasure floods your body.

The Fleshlight Ice collection also includes the Flight Aviator, which can make any user feel like floating through the sky. Its aerodynamic design reduces space and creates a unique sensation that you won't get from any other toy. The included case has a discreet design that you can tuck in your bag for traveling to keep this little toy your own little secret.

While Fleshlight toys are perfect for solo and couple or group play, the Ice Collection can enhance your pleasure even more. The clear designs let you see every stroke and every sensation no matter how you play or who you play with. Order yours today.

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