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Go from zero to 100 faster than you ever expected with the Turbo line from Fleshlight. While long known for making amazing toys that recreate the pleasures of sex, Fleshlight also offers products that boast realistic blowjob action. You'll enjoy the same sensation you thought you could only get with a partner. It takes just one thrust for the ignition to start roaring.

The Turbo Thrust Experience

Have you ever had one of those nights where all you wanted was oral satisfaction? With the Turbo Thrust, you can get a Fleshlight blowjob that feels just like the real thing. The Turbo Thrust offers patented blowjob action designed to recreate the feel of her warm and soft mouth wrapping around your throbbing skin. With three insertion points, you can enjoy a completely different experience each time you thrust inside.

Use this amazing toy to tease your tip before you get more involved. Before you know it, you'll enjoy all the deep-throat action that your favorite stars show on screen. The Turbo is available in both a Blue Ice and a Copper option. If you just can't choose which one you like better, you'll love the Twin Turbo Pack, which comes with both models and some lube, too.

Ignite Your Senses

Get ready to send your senses into overdrive with the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition, one of the ultimate toys for guys who love blowjobs. This powerful and impressive little gadget will get your motor running from your first thrust all the way through your last. As soon as you slide inside, you'll feel realistic lips clinging to your member and enticing you to go as deep as you can. The next sensation you'll feel is a soft tongue wrapping around you and teasing you in all the ways you love. Pushing just a little deeper will take you into the throat, which creates the deep pleasure that so many men love.

On their own, Fleshlight blowjob toys can make you stand at attention. To take your experience even further, however, pair your new toys with some lube. No matter what sensation is your favorite, you're sure to find a lubricant that takes that feeling even further. Our Fire line has an intense feeling that heats up your skin and makes you want to jump right into the action. On the other hand, Ice is much cooler and can help you thrust as long as you need. These lubes as well as other products will all work with the Fleshlight Turbo line to get your heart racing and your motor running.