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Female Masturbation: What Is It & What Are the Benefits?

If masturbation is a taboo subject, then female masturbation is unspeakable. For centuries, female self-pleasure has been viewed as untouchable, remaining between a lady and her fingers. But female masturbation is more than just fun; it's good for your physical health and the health of your relationship. 

Many women have embraced the perks of masturbating, but for some, it can be challenging to reach orgasm on their own. Female genitalia stimulation isn't always straightforward, but it can (and should) be explored. With modern sex toys, female masturbation is easier than ever before. 

In this article, we will review the best methods of female masturbation and the top benefits of erotic self-gratification. 

Explore the Benefits of Female Masturbation

Besides the power of a self-made female orgasm, there are plenty of real sexual health benefits to female masturbation. Here are some of the best reasons to take a little you-time:

  • Alleviates cramps: It's true. At the height of your period, or whenever cramping is the worst, consider jacking off to ease the pain. Masturbating releases endorphins that reduce the pain associated with cramps. 
  • Improved vaginal health: Masturbation leads to increased blood flow to the vaginal area. This has a plethora of benefits, including keeping your genitals healthy, easing the effects of menopause, and reducing tension. 
  • Strengthening pelvic floor: The act of masturbating tenses and flexes internal muscles, helping to improve pelvic floor strength. A solid pelvic floor can help urinary incontinence, treat pelvic organ prolapse, and even improve sex. 
  • Stress reducer: For women, a wave of hormones are released when masturbating. These hormones reduce stress, aid sleep, and increase 'feel-good' emotions. 

Female masturbation is a powerhouse solo activity, bringing health benefits, sexual pleasure, pain relief, and increased muscle mass. 

Tips and Techniques for Satisfying Female Masturbation

If you struggle to masturbate or just can't get off anymore, don't worry; you're not alone. Medication, personal history, age, and society's view of female pleasure can all contribute to tough self-pleasure sessions.

Remember, masturbating isn't intuitive for everyone. It requires listening to your body, having patience, and knowing that your preferences and methods can change. 

We've compiled our best list of tips and tricks for bringing yourself to completion every time. 

Create a Comfortable Space

It's hard to get in the right mindset when you're in the wrong environment. Creating a comfortable space to masturbate is all about personal preference. 

For example, if you like self-play in the bathtub, consider lowering the lights and putting out candles. If you like jacking off in your bedroom, ensure you have clean sheets and lock the door. 

Here's our masturbation checklist to make sure you have the ideal space to get freaky:

  1. Put away distractions: This includes social media, work or homework, and television shows.
  2. Prep your erotica/adult shows: If you use special porn videos or stories to get you in the mood, make sure that it's readily accessible. There’s no shame in using a MILF themed porno or ranchy video to get you going. 
  3. Create a playlist if that's your thing: Some ladies prefer classical music, white noise, or a popular 'sex playlist.' 

The key to creating a good masturbation vibe is experimenting with what works for you. Lights off or on, music loud or soft, porno or imagination; it's all about what gets you in the mood, and there are no wrong answers. 

Break Out the Toy Collection

Toys are a great addition to any sex life! Sex toys designed for female masturbation can range from heavy-duty suction cup dildos to miniature vibrating wands. The options are endless and offer fun, creative ways to get off. 

Here are some general tips on choosing your next toy:

  1. Go with a reputable company: A backdoor toy may perform poorly and even be made of dangerous materials. Only source toys from top companies dedicated to designing quality devices. 
  2. Purchase high-quality lube: A wet pussy is a happy one, and you may need a little help getting wet. Make sure you get a lube that you aren't allergic to and is non-toxic.  
  3. Start small: It's totally fine to be intimidated by large sex toys or the crazy trending toys at first. Start with portable, easily-handled toys and work your way up to the big guns. 

Explore Your Anatomy

Masturbation, sex, and pleasure are not cut-and-dry activities. The clitoris, labia, inner thigh, vaginal canal, vulva, and more all offer different levels of pleasure as you ignite nerve endings. 

Women have many erogenous zones, so try them all out to find what works for you. Maybe clitoral stimulation is your ticket to heaven, or instead, it’s the G-spot or anal sex that gets you squirting. Don't be afraid to explore and pay attention to the way your body responds.  

Even areas like your backdoor hole, neck, and decolletage can bring bliss to your solo session. 

Don’t Rush to the Finish Line

You've likely had a moment where you're horney, tired, and ready for bed. There are times when a quick session is best. But generally, masturbation is an act that can't always be accomplished in five minutes. So take your time, and set a comfortable pace.

When women masturbate, it can be tough to slow down, but a longer session with more teasing and buildup will result in a more powerful orgasm. Get a glass of wine or your favorite tea, settle into your evening, and explore your body at a relaxing pace. 

You'll be glad you took the time to build up tension when you finally get that big female ejaculation. 

Switch It Up

Picture a masturbation session. Most women envision their bedrooms as quiet and dark, stationary on their backs for a quick session. 

Whatever your routine actually is, switching it up can be a rewarding experience. Implement some of the following changes for a wonderful masturbation session: 

  • New positions: On your side, on your back, propped up on pillows, doggy-style position — there are plenty of different self-pleasure positions to try. New positions can help you reach a different erogenous zone or apply pressure/vibration in a new way. 
  • New locations: Do you usually do it in bed? Try the bath! Always get it on in the bath? Try the shower! New locations can be exciting and add to the thrill of the experience. 
  • New toys: Many women stick with the trusty fingers or one old vibrator they've had forever. You deserve the best new toys on the market. Add a quality sex device to your routine and reap the benefits. 
  • New participants: Having your partner watch while you masturbate is a deeply erotic experience for both of you. By watching your methods, your partner can also learn more about your body and how to get you going during your next session. Even mutual masturbation can be an exciting sexual activity for both of you.

Masturbation should be fun and rewarding. Switching it up and listening to your body helps maintain a thriving solo-sex life. 

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