Everything You Need To Know About Male Masturbation

Everything You Need To Know About Male Masturbation

Most men have been masturbating in some form since they were kids, with orgasm-seeking masturbation starting around the beginning of puberty. Still, as with most sexual acts, solo male masturbation isn't truly discussed or taught. 

But masturbation isn't as simple as you'd believe. In this article, we will review the benefits and techniques of male masturbation, answering all the questions you didn't know you had and ensuring a fantastic next jack-off session. 

Reap the Benefits of Male Masturbation

Masturbation doesn't just feel good. It has tangible health benefits that every man should be aware of. Here are some of the best benefits of male masturbation: 

  • Reduce depressive feelings: When you ejaculate, your body releases a serious amount of hormones that boost your mood and lower stress. These endorphins are like natural medications that can help boost you out of a depressive episode. 
  • Prevent prostate cancer: Ejaculation can help reduce the level of toxins that can lead to prostate cancer. While this isn't enough to prevent cancer, some studies show that regular masturbation can help.
  • Treat erectile dysfunction: Masturbating frequently can treat ED caused by mental issues like lack of confidence, anxiety, and stress. 

Male masturbation also feels fantastic, and it is a great method of winding down. So turn on that POV dirty talking creampie video or closeup porno and get ready to have a stellar time. 

How Often Should You Participate in Male Masturbation?

There's plenty of conflicting information out there on how often it is too often to be masturbating. Truthfully, you can masturbate as frequently or infrequently as you want. 

There's no real limit to this; as long as it doesn't start interfering with your life, it's up to you. If you find yourself missing appointments or activities or masturbating instead of spending time with others or in leisure activities, then maybe you should take a step back. Some men also find themselves obsessed with porn videos like squirt or bukkake compilations. These videos are fun, but only in moderation. They shouldn’t distract from regular activities. 

Outside of this scenario, there's no issue with frequent masturbation. However, there are incorrect ways to masturbate. 

Masturbating too aggressively could result in burst blood vessels and may even require surgery. So while you can get off as frequently or infrequently as you like, make sure you're setting a careful pace and not overdoing it. 

5 Ways to Enhance Your Masturbation Techniques

Not all orgasms are the same. Really getting everything out of your masturbation sessions requires experimenting with new tips and tricks. Check out these new techniques to have the wank of your life. 

1. Don’t Be Afraid of Toys!

The trusty hand is an excellent masturbation partner, and it's certainly gotten you far in life. But toys are a great addition to any sex life. Like the dildo for the female orgasm, male sex toys help you unlock a higher level of pleasure like nothing you've known before. 

These masturbation toys are like a sex doll at your fingertips and can simulate any sexual act like:

  • Anal sex: Love the wild feeling of a big ass? A top-performing toy can simulate the grip and even warmth of a BBW backdoor hole. 
  • Oral sex: There are few things better than a fantastic blowjob. Oral toys allow you to sink all the way into a device, simulating the wild feeling of deepthroating. 
  • Vaginal sex: Imagine fantastic vaginal intercourse at your fingertips whenever you're ready. A pocket pussy for men offers just that in an easily transportable sleeve. 
  • Double penetration: Love the feeling of a full backdoor while sinking your big cock into a gripping toy? With top anal sex toys, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Sex toys for men can change the masturbation game. Like a handjob in a bottle, they give mind-blowing male orgasms. Plus, these toys take masturbation porn to the next level. Any fetish, from fisting pornos to gangbang orgies to role-play threesome, is made even better with a top-of-the-line sex toy at your side. 

2. Switch Up the Pace

Any guy masturbating eventually discovers a pace and tempo that works for them, and it's hard to change things up. But trying a different pace can lead to amazing new feelings and sensations. 

Listen to your body and try starting out faster or slower to see what works for you. There's no right or wrong answer. This is all about discovering novel experiences and getting that heart-stopping orgasm. 

3. Experiment with the Start-Stop Technique

It seems counterproductive to slow down your strokes right as you're reaching orgasm, but the start-stop technique is a tried-and-true method. As you approach the finish line, take a break and cool back down before continuing. This method builds and elongates pleasure for an insane peak blow and that loud moaning you’re looking for. 

Some men get nervous about losing their orgasming potential after stopping mid-stroke. Consider trying this method during a more casual self-pleasure session when you don’t need an orgasm. That way, the pressure is off. 

4. Try Stimulating Your Perineum

There's more to male masturbation than just stimulating the penis or the bum. The area between the penis and the anus is full of nerve endings, so don't forget about it. 

If you tease it just right, you can even reach a perineum orgasm which is a brand-new titillating experience. These orgasms are more intense and last longer. When teasing the perineum, consider the following tips for an eye-opening treat:

  1. Tease with a vibrator: A vibrator is a fantastic tool that can give wild perineum sensations. Start on the lowest vibration setting and gently tease along the length of the perineum. Work your way up to a higher vibration when you're ready for a wild ride. 
  2. Use your fingers: Don't overlook the power of your fingers. You can stimulate the sensitive skin along the balls all the way down the perineum for a fantastic orgasm. 
  3. Simultaneous teasing: Simultaneous orgasms can be reached by teasing a combination of your perineum, penis, and anus. Pick your poison and strap in for a fantastic session. 

Consider fantasizing about your favorite pornstars’ big tits, the best humping videos, or top pussy licking webcam videos and working your perineum to completion. 

5. Practice Different Strokes 

Experimentation is key to unlocking all the pleasures that masturbation can bring. Grip harder or softer, stroke differently, and develop patterns to learn what works for you. 

Don't forget that there's a limit to how hard and aggressive you should grip. Too tight for too long can damage your member and can result in a painful condition. 

This method is also known as the 'death grip' and can lessen your pleasure with a partner in mutual intercourse. Every time you practice a different stroke, just make sure you're not gripping on too tight. 

Try using lube to make the process easier and avoid the grip of death. 

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