Collection: Oral Sex Toys for Men

Sometimes, oral action is really what you want for getting that quick release. Fleshlight blowjob simulators are ideal for your alone time or as a stimulation aid when you're with your partner. Use them with anal sex toys for a dual-stimulation session or while you watch her try out her own pleasurable products. However you choose to use these oral sex toys, the results are sure to be satisfying.

Get Off a Quickshot

The Quickshot Vantage is a compact oral sex toy that's about half the size of the original Fleshlight oral orifice. It has two fully exposed orifices, allowing you to use it as extra stimulation when you're getting a blowjob or as a masturbation accessory. Since it's compact and easy to carry, your release can go wherever you travel. For some added excitement, use the Quickshot Vantage to get yourself ready while she's priming the pump with sex toys for women.

Give Your Solo Sessions a Boost

The Quickshot Boost is another great oral sex toy for men to try. While the outside boasts a sleek silver design, the inside has delightful bumps and ridges for stimulation all the way around your member. It has the same material as the inside of your original Fleshlight but allows for more control and hands-on action. In addition to getting a realistic blowjob with the Quickshot Boost, it also works to build your stamina. Use it with a touch of lube for your solo sessions or have her give you a hand during couple's time.

Let Her Enjoy the View

One of the most tantalizing aspects of the Quickshot oral sex toy collection is that the insertable length is 3.5 inches. This means that your partner can see the results if you want her to. Your partner can also use her hands or mouth on your tip. Bring along your Quickshot while traveling and set it up with your webcam so that she can watch you. If you choose the Quickshot Vantage, the clear case allows you or your partner to see your thrusting from every angle. You could put on quite a show in the bedroom or over your webcam when you use this oral sex toy. Be sure to enhance your blowjob simulators with specialty lube for ease of insertion. Cleanup is a breeze with Fleshlight care products and warm water. Just take out the insert, wash, and air dry. With this collection of oral sex toys, you can get a blowjob any time you feel the urge.

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