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Looking for the best anal toys for men? At Fleshlight, we have a wide range of high-quality sex toys guaranteed to give your backdoor superior sensations.

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More Info about Fleshlight's Anal Toys Men

Anal toys for men

Unlike anal toys for women, many anal toys for men are specially designed to rub against a man's unique gland. The prostate is a gift to us all. Any backdoor stimulation will ignite nature's actual g-spot (also called a p-spot) and guarantee a good time. Anal toys for men are the ideal tool for powerful anal play and hitting that sweet spot. 

Whether you're a beginner just getting interested in butt stuff or a pro looking for a new plug to round out your collection, there's a device for you. 

At Fleshlight, we design plenty of anal toys for a variety of purposes, preferences, and sex positions. We have the tools you need to get freaky, including vibrating prostate massagers, metal wands, kits of different-sized butt plugs, and more. 

Selecting the ideal butt sex toys requires some know-how and insight into how different toys work.

Types of anal toys

An anus is a different hole with specific requirements. First, remember that size matters, and starting with a smaller toy may be best. Second, getting off on a backdoor orgasm is insane, and you may not require much prostate stimulation to get there. Third, playing with your cock (or receiving a blowjob) and backside at the same time is a recipe for fun. With that, here are some common types of anal toys to choose from. 

  • Butt plugs – These droplet-shaped male masturbators come with a larger obstruction at the end designed to rest against your anus, stopping the butt plug from getting sucked inside. You can get a metal, glass, or silicone butt plug, and many come as vibrating anal plugs. Any anal butt plug stimulates a perfect full feeling and gives your prostate a little love. 
  • Prostate massagers – These toys are designed to target your prostate with pulses and vibrations. They're curved to hit the right spot and can be controlled by a partner, used for solo masturbation, or even sat on for the ride of your life. 
  • Anal beads Anal beads are a line of connected spheres designed to simulate movement through your anus. They deliver powerful sensations as they're pulled out of your hole one by one. Beads can be a great addition to the bedroom as your partner sees how many you can take.
  • Wands/probes – Think of these toys as a cross between an anal dildo and an anal vibrator. They're often longer than other anal toys but still maintain that delicious curve that’ll really get you going. These wands can be controlled solo or offer a great way to bring your partner to their knees. 

The wide variety of anal toys makes for plenty of pleasure options. With ideal stretch and powerful vibrations, anal sex toys can stimulate your prostate and rim like a real partner.  

What to look for in anal toys

Each type of anal toy comes with different customizations to fit your preferences. Here's what to look out for:

The type of material can make a big difference. A silicone toy can stretch and squeeze into those sensitive places. A stainless steel toy can probe and prod, sending shocks through your butt and down your shaft. A metal toy can also be unyielding which has its perks, but they may be most enjoyed by experienced users. Glass toys are also a popular option; these devices are made from durable borosilicate glass and can be cooled or heated up for an extra exciting session. 

The toy size will make a big difference for beginners, but a smaller toy can be used easily with a partner or even multiple insertions. Work your way up to a toy with more girth and see what you enjoy most.

Any customer reviews will give you an insight into what a toy brings to the table. Carefully look through any testimonials to pick your perfect device. 

Your experience level is important to keep in mind when searching for your next anal toy. Even porn celebrities started out with reasonable-sized adult toys and cocks. If you push yourself too far, you risk an uncomfortable feeling instead of a mind-numbing orgasm. On the other hand, if you're a butt-play pro, then maybe it's time to try out a more intense toy like the Rocks-Off Ro-Zen PRO Cock Ring and Prostate Massager. This body-safe toy stimulates your member and prostate simultaneously for a wild ride. 

Tips for using anal toys for men

Once you finally get your device, it's time to get busy. These tips will help you get off every time. 

  • Set the mood — Ambiance is key. Make sure you're alone or settled in with your partner, with hours of free time. 
  • Use plenty of lubeLubrication is especially important for any backdoor play. Start by liberally coating the toy and your anus, adding more as you need. You can also consider using an anal douche or enema before play, but this isn’t required. 
  • Start small — If you're new to anal sex, start with your smallest toy and just work the rim of your hole. Start slow and go deeper as you start to loosen up. An anal training kit or anal plug set may be the perfect introduction. 
  • Try different positions — Some toys trigger new anal stimulation in different positions, and everyone's prostate is different. Try new moves and see where the night can take you.  
  • Don't forget to give your cheeks some love — Most nerve endings are in your anus, but your cheeks can send powerful vibrations straight to your member. 
  • Use a toy cleaner — Whether you’ve got a vibrating butt plug, strap-on device, pocket pussy, or more, all sex toys require regular cleaning. Our product care line can clean anything from soft silicone plugs to rechargeable metal g-spot vibrators.  

Pair these tips with the best anal toys from Fleshlight, and you're in for a wild night. 

Show your backdoor some love with Fleshlight

Whether you're hoping to get down and dirty or this is your first foray into anal play, Fleshlight has the discreet device for you. 

The Blush Luxe Night Rimmer Kit can start you slow and get you going, while the hands-free Improved Nexus Revo Intense Rotating Prostate Massager will drive even a seasoned anal play vet wild. 

Check out our line of high-quality anal toys for just the type of butt play you've been looking for.