Product Care

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More Info about Fleshlight's Product Care

The collection of original Fleshlight toys is designed to provide you with plenty of excitement for your personal time. Whether you use your Fleshlight bareback or with protection, it will need some tender-loving care between uses. A little bit of Fleshlight maintenance ensures that you can enjoy your favorite toy to its maximum potential. Whether you use your Fleshlight for improving your bedroom performance or some leisure time when the feeling arises, providing some attentive care to its supple folds and ladylike lips will help you to enjoy its silky orifice.

When and How to Wash Your Fleshlight

Flesh Wash is the natural choice for giving your original Fleshlight a little tune-up between uses. For the best results, use some warm water to rinse out the inside of the Fleshlight's sleeve after use. Generously spritz the Flesh Wash spray over all of the inside and outside of the textured folds of the toy. Allow the sleeve to air-dry overnight, and it will be ready for a morning romp if you're in the mood.

Renew the Supple Lips of Your Fleshlight

When the lips and sleeve of the original Fleshlight wrap around your most delicate skin, they get a little stretched. Your vigorous thrusts go deep into the patented SuperSkin interior. However, the renewing powder refreshes the realistic smoothness of the sleeve's material. For the best Fleshlight care results, use the renewing powder after washing and air-drying the sleeve. Remove the sleeve from its sleek black case. You'll then sprinkle the renewing powder until the entire sleeve is coated in a fine layer of the powder. Gently open the sleeve around the opening of the case, reinserting it as far as you can reach. The inside of the sleeve will now feel just like it did with your first Fleshlight ride. You can get back to using your Fleshlight toy as soon as the mood strikes.

Keep the Fleshlight Feeling Sensuous

With the So Fresh and So Clean Pack, you can get a great deal on both the wash and renewing powder. You'll then be able to keep your toy tight, smooth, and sensuous. These Fleshlight care products also work on the other types of Fleshlight toys, too. Get that tight butt orifice back into shape or restore the sleekness of the oral action toy. Regardless of how often you choose to use your toys, these Fleshlight care tips will help you to make them last as long as you do.