Timeless Toys: The Wonder Wave Fleshlight

Timeless Toys: The Wonder Wave Fleshlight

Today on “Timeless Toys,” we take a look back in time at the Wonder Wave, one of the earliest and most popular classic Fleshlight sleeves that continues to have success to this day. Its fans love it because of its texture’s close resemblance to real vaginal penetration. 

In case you might have overlooked this vintage, yet top-of-the-line male sleeve, keep reading to learn all about what makes it one of our best-selling Fleshlights of all time!


The Wonder Wave Texture

We began selling the Wonder Wave Fleshlight back in 2012 with the goal of introducing a more authentic, realistic texture to compliment our original, smooth, Classic Pink Lady sleeve. 

We designed the sleeve as one continuous channel with multiple cross-ribbed structures repeating throughout the interior. From the entrance all the way through until the end cap, the Wonder Wave is designed to tantalize your cock with 9 inches of evenly distributed structures.


We designed this texture to focus on constant stimulation on the sides of your penis head and shaft (not just the tip), as well as a consistent suction effect to imitate the natural vaginal contractions that you experience during sex.

While thrusting in and out of the Wonder Wave, you’ll notice the pressure on your penis head varies depending on whether it is squeezed between two cross-ribs or in between, in the slightly wider space. 

Overall, the Wonder Wave is a highly realistic, pleasurable texture that you’ll love to use time and time again.

The Wonder Wave Size

One of the enormous benefits of this Fleshlight is that regardless of the length of your manhood, the interior texture and overall tightness remains consistent throughout. This makes it a fantastic option for nearly any guy wanting a consistent, realistic sexual experience.

Just as we saw with the Fleshlight Classic, the Wonder Wave fits our standard case that measures nearly 10 inches in length, built to house the interior orifice insert which measures at 8.8 inches (22.5 cm).

The Wonder Waves has a diameter between 0.47-0.63 inches (12-16mm). Also, as with all Fleshlights, the tightness can be adjusted by the simple twist of the end cap.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

Simply put, if you’re looking for a more realistic experience compared to some of the more stimulating Fleshlights released in recent years, the Wonder Wave could be precisely what you’re looking for. 

At first glance, it's simple design might appear to be an underwhelming texture. However, as we’ve explored, it’s quite the opposite! The Wonder Wave is truly an excellent all-around timeless toy that is built to satisfy a wide range of men of all lengths, girths, and stamina.

In addition, if you’re looking for a Fleshlight that is not too intense, this could be ideal for you. Enjoy training your stamina with long, drawn-out strokes or quickly rush to the finish line. With the Wonder Wave, the choice is yours! 

Finally, as an added bonus, the Wonder Wave gives men the freedom to continue thrusting both during and immediately after orgasm. 

When purchasing this product, we currently offer two options:

  1. Build your own: Click here to first choose your case color (black or blue), orifice (lady or butt), and lastly choose your sensation. Simply select the Wonder Wave to complete your order.

  2. Go here if you already have a case and would like to purchase the Wonder Wave sleeve only. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of “Timeless Toys” featuring the classic Wonder Wave Fleshlight. Happy stroking!

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