Timeless Toys: The Fleshlight Original

Timeless Toys: The Fleshlight Original

Welcome to Timeless Toys, a brand new segment here at the FleshLife Blog. In each of these articles, we’ll highlight a different Fleshlight that was launched years ago yet continues to remain popular to this day. 

In this first article, we’ll go back to where it all began with The Fleshlight Classic.



All About The Fleshlight Classic

The “Pink Lady Original,” produced and released during the mid-90s, was the very first Fleshlight produced and released into the sex toy market for men. 
The Fleshlight Classic originally came with the standard pink-colored “lady” orifice, but quickly expanded to feature two other entrances for you to enjoy – the butt and the mouth (no longer manufactured). 

This toy features the “Classic” texture which comes without the added nubs, ribs, and spirals seen in all other Fleshlight products. Instead, it’s a simple, straightforward canal that has a snug, silky smooth feel to it. 

Today, some of our younger Fleshlight users might not be able to understand what all of the fuss was about but bear in mind that it was the very time our patented SuperSkin material had been unveiled to the consumer. In time, as word spread of the realistic sexual experience, sales went through the roof!

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Fleshlight Classic Texture

When you penetrate the Fleshlight Classic, you feel a standard snugness and a realistic feel, so pleasurable that it has stood the test of time for over 20 years.
With the Classic, it’s all about trying to imitate the feeling of the female vagina as realistically as possible – smooth, wet, and pleasurable.


The more complex bumps and ribs came soon thereafter to Fleshlight Classic’s successors, as we’ll see in future "Timeless Toy" articles. 

The creator of Fleshlight, Steve Shubin, set out to create a new type of male sex toy, one that was not only realistic, safe, and discreet, but also built to last. Largely due to these reasons, today, the old “tried-and-true” Fleshlight Classic continues to be a best-seller even to this day.

The Fleshlight Classic Size

Its standard case measures almost 10 inches in length and the interior lady orifice insert measures at 8.8 inches (22.5 cm). This path is, except for the very first inch, a consistent 0.8 inches (2 cm) wide. 


Compared to some of the tighter, more narrow sleeves of today, this could be considered on the wider end of the spectrum. However, this of course depends entirely upon your personal size.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

We believe the smooth texture of the Fleshlight Classic (lady and butt) is the perfect sex toy for first-timers and also men more on the sensitive side and want to gain more experience in order to increase their stamina and improve performance in the bedroom.

Finally, if you’re someone who wants a toy that is easy to both clean and dry after each use, the Fleshlight Classic is for you! Due to its simple design and wider canal, both water and air are able to easily flow through this fan-favorite product.

The original Fleshlight Classic has stood the test of time as the premier sex toy for men and we firmly expect it to continue doing so for years to come. We consider it to be a true “oldie but goodie” that every guy should own. 

Whether you’re new to Fleshlight or a seasoned Fleshlight connoisseur, you’ll want to make sure this toy is part of your collection. Get yours here!

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