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Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

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It's one thing to dream about having sex with your favorite Fleshlight girls, but you don't have to simply live out these fantasies in your head. Eva Lovia is a dark-haired Fleshlight goddess who may immediately bring you to your knees. One look at Eva will entice you to get to know more about this erotic temptress. Originally from South Carolina, Eva is a Southern beauty with exotic flair. Her unique cultural background blends Spanish and Japanese heritages to give her stunning sex appeal. This Gemini also goes by the alias Mia Marx, and she was Miss December 2017 for Penthouse magazine. More than that, she was also the first recipient of the Digital Playground Star award in 2015.

Given the incredible depths of her beauty, it should come as no surprise that Eva Lovia  started her career as a bikini model before becoming a contract performer. She was the object of men's fantasies long before she ever stepped in front of a camera. Many are surprised to learn, though, that she's also a bit of a computer nerd. She's known for designing websites on behalf of some of her fellow performers in the industry.

A More Intimate Look at Eva Lovia

This sexy brunette has soft hazel eyes, a tattoo behind one of her ears and a pierced navel, but her sensuous curves are what truly set her apart. With an Eva Lovia sex toy from Fleshlight, you can slide into the girl of your dreams to experience the true sensation of being deep inside her. This sex toy is unlike any other that you may have tried in the past. All aspects of the Eva Lovia pocket pussy are perfectly designed to give you an authentic sensation that lets you live out your wildest fantasies as often as the urge hits you.

The Eva Lovia Sex Toy Experience

If you dream about what it's like to have sex with Eva Lovia, Fleshlight can help you bring your dream to life. Eva Lovia is among the most exotic and dreamed about of all of the Fleshlight girls, and one look into her insatiable eyes and at her relentless curves will tell you why she is so desired.

The intensity of thrusting deep inside of her and letting her consume your full force becomes very real when you slide inside the Eva Lovia pocket pussy. This is a customized sex toy that allows you to penetrate up to 9 inches inside of perfectly simulated skin that is designed to softly mimic the look and feel of her most private area. From the gently fluttering lips that eagerly await your touch to the incredible texture that you can feel as you slowly slide into Eva Lovia, this is a sex toy that puts unspeakable pleasure into the palm of your hands.

With each movement, you can bring your ecstasy to new heights. Remember that this is only one of Eva's orifices that Fleshlight lets you penetrate. Another Fleshlight sex toy gives you the blissful pleasure of being inside the tightness of Eva Lovia's firm butt. Any sexy or even taboo dreams that you have about this gorgeous Fleshlight girl will come to life whenever you please.

The Allure of Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia is just one of many Fleshlight girls who you may be drawn to. She has a uniquely exotic look that may be difficult for you to resist. Her dark eyes, sensual pout and inviting body lure you to explore the pleasures that lie hidden in her depths. This Latin beauty has an incredibly sculpted figure with curves in all of the right places, making her the girl of your dreams. Her exquisite body brings the heat of Latina eroticism to you, and her exotic sexiness is enhanced by her uniquely blended background.

With her long brown hair and freckles, she has the attainable look of the girl next door combined with the striking features of an intensely erotic lover. Her body is completely natural from head to toe, and she has the never-ending legs that you can envision wrapping around you or opening wide for your pleasure. Her firm, supple breasts and perfectly rounded butt add to the chiseled, breathtaking experience she provides. This is the Fleshlight girl who you understandably cannot get enough of, and your dream of having sex with her can come to life with your Eva Lovia sex toy in hand. The Eva Lovia lady orifice features spirals, bumps and ridges that will please every inch of your member. Squeeze your shaft into the tight butt orifice for mind-blowing pleasure like you've never felt before.

Take Your Pleasure to the Next Level

Keeping your dreams about Eva Lovia's secret depths hidden in your mind can be frustrating, and there is no need to keep your powerful dreams of pleasuring her locked away. With your Fleshlight sex toy, every exciting nuance of her vagina is yours to enjoy until you reach the pinnacle of satisfaction. The Fleshlight sex toy lets you fully experience all that Eva Lovia offers to her lovers. Every hidden fantasy that you have about pleasing Eva and about exploring her exotic sensuality can be yours when you have her Fleshlight pocket pussy in your hands.

Order Your Eva Lovia Sex Toy Today

Now is the time to bring your fantasies about Eva Lovia’s incredible body to life. With her exquisite orifices in hand, you could take control of your dreams to satisfy every desire that makes you crave her touch. Order your Eva Lovia Fleshlight today, and enjoy unlimited access to all that this goddess offers.


  • The full size Fleshlight is our largest option which accommodates 8-9 inches in length and a 7 1/2-inch girth.

Care Instructions

All Fleshlights are body safe made with our patented 100% phthalate-free SuperSkin™ material (beware of imitations).

*Trust Fleshlight-branded products to extend the life of your Fleshlight. Use only water-based lubricants to avoid damaging your Fleshlight.

Please follow this link to view our use & care guide:

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  • Sugar

    Slide into the sweetness of Eva's vagina and feel every little nuance of her incredible Sugar sensation.

  • Spice

    Push past her delightful bumps and through the never-ending twists of her narrow passage to complete your release.

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