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How To Clean and Care For Your Fleshlight: 2023 Edition

Whether you own a Fleshlight or are on the fence about making your first purchase, you're likely aware that they're renowned for two main reasons: their realism and superb sexual stimulation.


Designed with our patented Superskin material, each Fleshlight sleeve is built to feel nearly indistinguishable from human skin. 

And, while every Fleshlight both looks and feels amazing, there's one downside to all of this sexy realism: Properly cleaning and drying your Fleshlight after every use is a mandatory step needed to protect the toy's longevity and your sexual health. 

There's no way around it if you want your stroking sessions to remain safe and sanitary. Mold can develop inside and outside your sleeve if your Fleshlight is not adequately cared for. 

Ultimately, if you want your Fleshlight to age gracefully (as it's designed), it is in your best interest to follow a cleaning and care ritual.

In this guide, we'll teach you the following:

  • How to clean your Fleshlight properly
  • Which Fleshlight cleaning products to use
  • How to disinfect and deodorize your Fleshlight sleeves
  • The best way to dry your Fleshlight
  • How to make your Fleshlight remain "like new" forever

Step 1: Remove The Sleeve From Its Case

Once you've fapped to your cock's content, you've blown your load, and your mind begins to come back to reality, you might think to yourself, "Ok, now what?" 

Well, it's time to clean up your mess, that's what.

To get started, take your Fleshlight to a sink and remove the sleeve from its hard case. 


With the back cap still intact, set your Fleshlight case off to the side. Then, we'll come back to it in a few steps.

Step 2: Rinse Out Your Sleeve 

With your sleeve in hand, run warm water through it, rinsing the sleeve thoroughly. The keyword here is "warm" water - scalding water will not only burn your hands, but it's also not likely to do the sleeve's patented SuperSkin any favors.


To flush out the sleeve, simply let a steady stream of water run through one entrance until it comes out. Do this for around 30 seconds.

Step 3: Give It a Shake

Next, as you run water through your Fleshlight sleeve, insert a finger in the exit hole, blocking the water and allowing it to fill up entirely. Once full, cup your hand over the main entrance and give it a shake for 5 -10 seconds.

It might sound gross, but this step will help to ensure that all of your remaining jizz and excess lube are loosened up inside.


Once you've given it a good shake, you can remove one of your hands, letting the debris flow out and down the drain.

Step 4: A Final Rinse

This step's a simple one: 

Just rinse it out again with warm, running water.


Once you finish, lay out your Fleshlight sleeve on a small towel. 

Step 5: Wash the Hard Case

Now, grab your Fleshlight's outer case. While still over the sink with running water, unscrew your rear cap and rinse it thoroughly. Then, rinse off the entire exterior and interior case. You'd be surprised, but a lot of lube can get on these bad boys while you're doing the deed, and it's up to you to ensure it stays spic-and-span clean. 


Using a bit of soap in this step is a great idea - but ONLY with the case, never the sleeve. 

Once you've finished this step, set your case off to the side, allowing it to dry thoroughly.

Step 6: Antibacterial Wash

Let’s bring it back to your sleeve once again. In order to keep pesky mold from ever developing on your beloved Fleshlight sleeve, it’s well worth it to purchase FleshWash, our antibacterial spray. 

Apply it to the exterior and (as best you can) the interior of your sex toy.

When using Fleshwash, you know you're giving your sleeve the love and care it deserves. It's also convenient to add the Fleshwash to your next order.

Click here to pick up some today!

Step 7: Dry It

Of course, if you aim to avoid mold from developing on your Fleshlight, you want to thoroughly dry it before storing it away. Luckily for you, we have a variety of ways to efficiently and effectively dry your Fleshlight sleeves with ease. 

Let's briefly take a look at each option available to you.

The “Hang Dry”

The first of our Fleshlight Drying Racks is the "Hang Dry." As the name implies, it lets you hang your Fleshlight sleeve from various spots, allowing air to circulate easily and water to drip out the exit hole. 


When using this drying rack, we recommend hanging it in an area where you don't mind small amounts of water dripping onto the floor, such as your shower. 

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The “Stand Dry”

Next is the “Stand Dry.” This too is a drying rack specifically designed to hold and dry your Fleshlight sleeves. Ideal for those who do not want to drip dry their Fleshlight onto a floor or towel, the Stand Dry is designed to capture all water in its built-in water receptacle. 


Measuring just a few inches wider than your Fleshlight sleeve, you can store this practically anywhere from your bathroom counter to your bedroom nightstand.

Buy yours here!

The “Screw Dry” 

Finally, we have the “Screw Dry.” This Fleshlight drying rack is unique in that it gives you the capability of drying your sleeve with its case intact.


To use this one, simply towel-dry the exterior of your sleeve, pop it back into a fully dry case, and (with each cap still removed) slide it into the Screw Dry drying rack.  

It is by far our most compact drying rack. Due to its small size, it can be stored away nearly anywhere. And, while in use, it only takes up the size of the Fleshlight toy you are drying.

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While these are an affordable and effective solution for drying any standard-size Fleshlight, we wanted to expand on this concept by introducing an automated way for you to dry almost any of your Fleshlight products - standard, Flight, GO, or Quickshot.

The Fleshlight Air: The Automated Sleeve Drying Solution

And, finally, our most technologically advanced way to dry your sleeve - the Fleshlight Air! 

A simple and safe tool for drying your Fleshlight after every use, this user-friendly and highly effective product is designed to optimize air circulation and expedite drying.

So, needless to say, this is a must-own product for those of you who don't (or aren't able to) leave your Fleshlight out to dry for others to see. 

To use, simply insert your Fleshlight (after removing both the top and end caps) into the drying unit, set the timer, and you're good to go!

The unit is compatible with almost all Fleshlight models and includes three interchangeable ring adapters to fit your standard-sized Fleshlights, Quickshots, and Flight/Go series. It also offers three different drying time settings.

For optimal results, set the timer for 20 minutes to dry Quickshots, 40 minutes for Flight/Go models, and 60 minutes for full-size Fleshlights, including the Classics, Stamina Training Unit, Fleshlight Girls, Fleshjack Boys, and Turbo.

Get yours here today!

Step 8: Keep It Silky and Smooth

Next, if you truly want to increase its longevity and keep your Fleshlight "like new" for years and years, we highly recommend you occasionally use Fleshlight's Renewing Powder. 


This powder ensures your sleeve retains the smooth, silky feel you experienced the very first time you unboxed it. 

To use your Fleshlight Renewing Powder:

  1. Sprinkle a little around the outside of the sleeve after washing and drying.
  2. Gently knead small amounts of powder into the sleeve using your fingertips.
  3. Slide your finger into the orifice, massaging some into the interior. 

Trust us on this one; it's worth it. Pick up some here.

Step 9: Return to Its Original State

Pretty self-explanatory, but your last order of business is to reassemble your clean, dry, pampered Fleshlight. 

  • Slide your Fleshlight’s sleeve back into its case. 

  • Screw on both caps. 

  • Store it somewhere cool and dry.

Final Thoughts

While we tend to first think about the sexy, stimulating side of using a Fleshlight, cleaning and caring for it is essential. Think of your sex toy as an investment in your sexual health and natural, recurring biological needs. Properly clean and care for it, and you'll have it by your side (and on your dick) for years to come.

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