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Tips for Dicks with Eliza Ibarra

"What do women want?"

Ah, yes, the age-old question endlessly mulled over since the dawn of man.

To do our part in providing the world with an answer, we here at Fleshlight go directly to the one source we trust the most – our Fleshlight Girls! 

Welcome back to Tips for Dicks, a series of bite-sized insights into what some of the world's hottest and horniest women most desire in a man.

Today we sit down with one of our newest young stars, Eliza Ibarra, for a one-on-one interview. Here, Eliza breaks down some of her top advice on all things related to men.

Let's get started!

First, Who is Eliza Ibarra? 

With her perky tits, slim, modelesque body, and girl-next-door charm, Eliza Ibarra is a relatively new pornstar in today's adult industry. 

Easily captivating men all over the globe with her exotic look and willingness to go all out in hardcore scenes, it doesn't take a genius to see why her popularity has soared to the very top of porn stardom in recent years. 


A self-described late bloomer, Eliza claims she did not receive much attention from guys until the tail-end of high school, once she began to mature, develop her womanly curves, and experiment with her sexuality.

One week shy of her 21st birthday, Eliza made the decision that would change her life forever, signing with Spiegler Girls, one of the industry's top adult model agencies. Since then, Ms. Ibarra has gone on to work with household production studios such as Brazzers, Vixen, Blacked, Bang Bros, and many more!

At this stage in young Eliza's career, she has received numerous AVN nominations, including "Best New Starlet," "Best POV Sex Scene", and "Best Blow Bang Scene."


So, what exactly does Eliza want in a man? 

Keep reading to find out in this new edition of Tips for Dicks.

Tips for Dicks with Eliza Ibarra

Tip #1: Don't Take Communication Personally

If your significant other is telling you how they're feeling about something, don't always take it like they're trying to attack you or like trying to put you down.

Just listen to what they have to say, step down from your ego for a second, and try to understand where they're coming from instead of thinking they're trying to tear you down. 

Just be open to hearing them out and understanding where they're coming from. 

Tip #2: Pay Attention

As a guy, it's very important to plan dates for your girlfriend and to do nice things for them. Even if it's just flowers or a pair of earrings, when girls notice you were paying attention to the things they say, that's really hot, and that's a huge turn on. 

The little stuff is really important. 

Tip #3: Shower With Her

Shower with your significant other as often as possible. 

I find it super intimate to be in the shower together, like bathing each other and touching each other, kissing each other in the water. 

And, it's a very nice form of contact that I feel like a lot of people don't get off to enough. 


Tip #4: Be Present

Be present with your significant other. Don't always be on your phone. Make eye contact with them while you're talking to them because that's very important. 

People can feel like they're being dismissed if you're not doing those things, so make sure to be very in tune with what they're doing and what they're saying. 

Tip #5: Grow Together

It's important to be your significant other's number one cheerleader. 

You want them to grow. You should inspire them to be better. You should help them become more hardworking and teach them things. 

Don't let them feel comfortable in their comfort zone. Get them to want to expand their horizons and do fun things in their life because that's what the relationship is about: growing together and experiencing life together. 


Tip #6: Learn to Use Your Dick

Lastly, make sure to know how to use your dick. 

Just because you have a big dick doesn't mean you're good at having sex.

Anything can be good as long as you know how to use it, so make sure you're actually putting in the work in the bedroom.  

And with that, we conclude today's segment. This has been Tips for Dicks with Eliza Ibarra. Thanks for tuning in, guys! 

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