Timeless Toys: Asa Akira's "Dragon"

Timeless Toys: Asa Akira's "Dragon"

In this week’s segment of “Timeless Toys,” we travel back a decade in time to review Asa Akira’s lady Fleshlight, the Dragon

The name of her pussy replica texture, “Dragon,” refers to Asa’s Japanese roots as well as the spiral twists that repeat throughout the sleeve. Asa’s Fleshlight uses a simple design, which spreads through the entire inner texture making for a consistent yet pleasing stimulation that fans have raved about for years.


However, before penetrating her inviting lips, let’s first do a quick recap of Asa Akira, one of the most successful pornstars of all time.

Fleshlight Girl Asa Akira: A Quick Recap

Born in New York City in 1986, Asa Akira is the most famous (and richest) Asian-American porn star in the industry today. Asa was originally known for her on-screen talent but went on to become a successful director, as well.

Growing up, she lived in Japan between the ages of 6 and 13 and would come back to attend an international school in NYC. 


After graduating from high school in 2004, Asa began her career in the adult world. Her first job: a dominatrix! Thereafter, she went on to work as a stripper at the Hustler Club in New York.

At the age of 20, Asa Akira kicked off her career as an adult industry actress. Girl-on-girl scenes captured her attention in the beginning, and they took precedence over everything else, but she quickly evolved and participated in boy-girl scenes.

Under Gina Lynn Productions, she gave Travis Knight the privilege of being the first male to work with her. To this day, Asa Akira has since starred in more than 500 adult films. 

In 2011, at the height of her rising notoriety, Asa Akira became our newest Fleshlight Girl. Fans loved it so much the very next year, her Fleshlight went on to win the 2012 TLA Raw Award for "Best Sex Toy!"


Let’s now dive into the specifics of this timeless toy, the one, and only “Dragon” sensation Fleshlight.

Asa Akira’s Fleshlight

The Dragon texture is essentially comprised of one chamber throughout making it very different from many of the more intricately designed Fleshlight Girl sensations of today. 

Enter The “Dragon”

As you first slide your cock through Asa’s lips you will first pass through a short section that differs from the rest of the Dragon texture. This entrance can best be described as a “goblet” that begins very tight and increases in width the further you progress. 

This mini-structure was designed to be a smooth transition that guides you into the signature texture that the dragon is best known for. 

The “Dragon” Texture

Once an inch inside Asa Akira’s embracing vagina, you will begin to feel the first strip of bumps and cross-ribs that make up the Dragon sensation. These first bumps gently touch the tip of your penis.

The magic of the Dragon Fleshlight sensation is felt as you stroke in and out, your cock slowly gets massaged in a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, leaving no part of it untouched.  

This gentle and playful stroking adds value to the enjoyment of Asa Akira's Dragon sleeve. Besides the fact that this stimulation seems to be of simple nature, the sliding feeling really offers a detailed sensation.

The back and forth motion of masturbation with this Fleshlight provides a pleasurable twisting and turning massage sensation. Gentle stroking with this toy makes for a very realistic feeling which inevitably leads to a great orgasm that’ll want to experience time and again.

Another great feature of this Fleshlight is that, due to its simple design, it does not require a lot of lube. Also, due to the repeating structure of the texture, your penis length is not important when considering adding this sleeve to your collection. 

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

All in all, Asa Akira’s Dragon is a very comfortable, relatively low-intensity Fleshlight that is perfect for those of us who want to be able to control our orgasm speed. The simple structure does not offer the insane variety of many a high intensity or variety but due to the smart usage of the bumps and cross-ribs, it provides great stimulation and effective suction throughout. 

With this sex toy, we recommend experimenting with different thrusting speeds in order to increase stimulation. Slower movements make every bump more noticeable.

Treat yourself... Get your very own Asa Akira Fleshlight today!

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