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Asa Akira

Asa Akira

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After seeing Asa Akira in action, it's understandable that you want to know what it feels like to have sex with Asa Akira. She has earned more than 30 awards throughout her career, so would you agree that she's a bona fide temptress in her own right? Once she made the decision to partner up with Fleshlight, she gave her male fans another reason to smile. We used her seductive features, erotic secrets, and sex insights to create five perfect sleeves for masturbating: Dragon, Lotus, Mini Lotus, Swallow, and Forbidden. Anytime you want to have an orgasmic experience, all you have to do is slide every inch of yourself into one of them. You're going to feel an unforgettable sensation, one that will make you think that you're actually inside Asa.

Which Hole Is Your Favorite to Play With?

Whether you're interested in her vagina, her mouth, or her ass, we have an option for you. Our sleeves match Asa's finest body parts in all the important ways. If you need help with making a choice, just remember that Asa Akira enjoys a good anal pounding, but she has made it clear that she prefers the missionary position. You'll be delighted to know that the Asa Akira pocket pussy will do 95 percent of the work for you. In fact, all of our sleeves will grip and caress your penis just like a real vagina would. This is possible because we strategically used textures and unique patterns of bumps to achieve a heightened degree of tightness.

Was Asa Akira Always Crazy About Sex?

Before Asa Akira entered the porn industry, she lived a fairly normal life. Asa Akira started out at age 18 as a dominatrix and went on to become a stripper. With the confidence she gained while stripping, she was finally primed to do hardcore porn.

At the age of 20, Asa Akira kicked off her career as an adult industry actress. Girl-on-girl scenes captured her attention in the beginning, and they took precedence over everything else, but she quickly evolved and participated in boy-girl scenes. Asa Akira has since starred in more than 500 adult films. Under Gina Lynn Productions, she gave Travis Knight the privilege of being the first male to work with her. Do you wish that was you? Well, it's a good thing that you've turned to Fleshlight. We have products that will have you thinking about Asa for years to come.

Live Out Your Wildest Fantasies

The Asa Akira pocket pussy can dramatically enhance your sex life. This is especially true if you use it with our LaunchPAD device. Are you worried that you may be too big or too small for it? Your size won't be an issue. There's enough room in this Asa Akira sex toy for you to achieve a full erection, and the ergonomic design of this product creates an amazing suction effect. Whether you go fast or slow, the result will be the same. The fantastic sensation is only going to get stronger. That's why you can look forward to experiencing an incredible adrenaline rush all night. Our sleeves are highly conducive to strong, explosive orgasms, so what are you waiting for? It's safe to assume that Asa Akira turned to Fleshlight for the same reason that she got into porn: She wants to fulfill your sexual needs and your wildest fantasies.

Why This Asa Akira Sex Toy Stands Out Among Her Counterparts

Asa is a strong, determined woman. She knows what she wants from men and women, and she has the shapely figure to get what she desires. This is obvious in all of her movies. Her measurements are worth drooling over, so she definitely has what it takes to stand out despite having tough competition. Asa is 5'1" with ravishing legs and a 24-inch waistline. She wears a B-cup bra.

Do you think you can handle Asa Akira? Aside from being one of the most stunning adult actresses in the industry, she's a widely loved model at Fleshlight. That's why her sex toys are some of the hottest products on the market. Your alone time will be substantially better if you apply some Fleshlube to the Dragon, the Lotus, the Mini Lotus, the Forbidden, or the Swallow. Try her sex toys today.

What Turns Asa Akira On?

You're probably thinking that a woman of her caliber has to be high-maintenance and extremely hard to satisfy. However, you would be totally wrong because Asa is the complete opposite. In fact, she's just a simple girl who has a high and wild sex drive. One of her biggest turn-ons is a good sense of humor. In one of her many interviews, she said that she's really impressed by a man who exudes confidence. If you get yourself a masturbating sleeve, you'll have exactly what you need to become a more confident guy in the bedroom.

Asa Akira went out of her way to create replicas of her vagina, anus, and mouth. Take the time right now to check out her collection of Asa Akira sex toys so that you can show her just how much you appreciate her.


Care Instructions

All Fleshlights are body safe made with our patented 100% phthalate-free SuperSkin™ material (beware of imitations).

*Trust Fleshlight-branded products to extend the life of your Fleshlight. Use only water-based lubricants to avoid damaging your Fleshlight.

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  • Dragon

    Can you slay the Dragon? Enter a battle that only the mightiest sword can handle. With sharp ribs all throughout and a studded vortex of pleasure bands, you are guaranteed to breathe a fire of joy.

  • Asahole

    True to the nickname by which her fans call her, Asa Akira's exclusive anal texture is aptly named: Asahole. Penetrate your favorite Asian pornstar's booty and experience all of the exciting facets this sensation has to offer from its hardcore entry chamber to the succession of pleasure rings and nodules throughout. You've never felt Asa Akira until you have felt her from behind.

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