Timeless Toys Presents Asa Akira's "Asahole"

Timeless Toys Presents Asa Akira's "Asahole"

In this week’s segment of “Timeless Toys,” we travel back a decade in time to review Asa Akira’s butt Fleshlight, “Asahole.”

The name of this anal texture is a reference to Asa’s social media handle and the fact that the Fleshlight is a lifelike replica of her award-winning booty hole. 

This backdoor Fleshlight texture is a multi-chambered masterpiece designed with a myriad of contrasting internal textures and varying degrees of tightness designed to extract your man juice in minutes. 

asa akira butt fleshlight

Before sliding into this Fleshlight Girl's ravishing rump, let’s first do a quick recap of Asa Akira, one of the most successful pornstars of all time.

Fleshlight Girl Asa Akira: A Quick Recap

The only child of Japanese parents, Asa was born in New York City in 1986. At age six, she and her family would move back to Japan, but would later return to attend the United Nations International School, a private international school in Manhattan, NY, for her freshman year of high school. After being expelled due to poor grades, Asa attended a public school until she graduated.

After graduating in 2004, this natural-born "bad girl" started her first job in the adult entertainment world as a dominatrix. Shortly thereafter, Asa began performing as a stripper at the well-known Hustler Club in New York.

asa akira

Just one year later, at the age of 20, Asa Akira kicked off her porn career beginning with girl-on-girl scenes before moving on to bigger (and harder) things. 

Under Gina Lynn Productions, she gave Travis Knight the privilege of being the first male to work with her. Now, at this point in time, Asa Akira has since starred in more than 500 adult films. 

In 2011, at the height of her fame, Asa Akira became our newest Fleshlight Girl. Fans loved it so much the very next year her Fleshlight won the 2012 TLA Raw Award for "Best Sex Toy," the same year Asa won AVN's award for "Best Anal Sex Scene" with future Fleshlight Guy, Manuel Ferrara.

Let’s now dive into the specifics of this timeless toy, the "Asahole" Fleshlight sensation. 

Asa Akira’s Butt Fleshlight: Asahole

The Asahole texture is a multi-chamber masterpiece that is characterized by its sharply contrasting ultra-narrow and wide chambers. Lined with a variety of structures throughout, this anal Fleshlight is unlike anything we've launched in recent times.

asa akira butt fleshlight orifice

Enter the “Asahole”

As you slide your cock in between Asa’s butt cheeks, inside her tiny backdoor hole, you will first penetrate a chamber lined with large, smooth beads that give your penis head a gentle and snug massage as you push inward, deeper into Ms. Akira’s Asahole. This entrance is snug but welcoming enough so that any man can get inside this Asian pornstar’s ass.  


The “Asahole” Texture

Once you’ve glided along Asa’s pleasure bead entrance for nearly three inches, your cock will then encounter a drastically different sensation - an ultra-tight, densely beaded centerpiece. This transitionary chamber is Asahole’s most stimulating structure and provides you with a true “anal-like” experience due to its tight, reduced diameter.

asa akira butt fleshlight texture

Pass beyond the grip of this section and your cock will be met with a series of prominent ribs that welcome you as you blast into its subsequent chamber. This new section might appear simple, but look closely and you’ll notice a horizontal ridge jutting out from its center. This unique structure is there to provide you with a unique sensation as it runs evenly alongside your shaft.

Finally, if you can manage it, thrust your manhood a bit deeper into Asa’s award-winning asshole and you’ll be rewarded with a final series of pleasure rings that will provide a gentle, yet pleasing caress to your cock. 

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

Asa Akira’s Asahole Fleshlight is one of the best anal sleeves you can own, especially if you’re a fan of the uber-famous adult film superstar. Its tight and intense first half combined with its mild and smooth second act makes it a great sex toy for men who want to be able to remain in control, choosing how long each flight will last.

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