The Kenzie Reeves Fleshlight ICE - Limited Edition!

The Kenzie Reeves Fleshlight ICE - Limited Edition!

Whether you've been naughty, nice, or something in between, know that this holiday season, you're in for a treat.   

One of our most popular Fleshlight Girls of all time now has an all-new ICE version of her replica puffy pussy. 

kenzie reeves ice fleshlight

Creampuff ICE, the all-new transparent edition of Kenzie Reeves' lady texture, is available for a limited time! Get an eyeful of the inside action with a brand-new version of your favorite teeny tiny pornstar.

This crystal clear male stroker lets you experience heightened visual stimulation with one of our most sexually stimulating and highly reviewed Fleshlights to launch in recent years.

Before sliding into her slender slit, let's have a glance at the girl herself.

First, Who Is Kenzie Reeves? 

Arguably today's most popular bite-sized pornstar, Kenzie Reeves is known for her tiny body, youthful appearance, and impressive flexibility. If you've ever fantasized about a little blonde spinner riding your cock like a pro, look no further – Kenzie Reeves is your dream girl.

While she began stripping at 18, it didn't take long for her to yearn for something more. A natural nymphomaniac, Kenzie knew she had the drive, sex appeal, and work ethic to make it in the big leagues of porn.

"I wanted to try something new. I love being a playful sex kitten. I enjoy sex, pleasuring other people. I like to tease. I knew this career path was the right choice for me". 

Kenzie Reeves' Porn Career

In no time, Kenzie Reeves landed with the adult film modeling agency East Coast Talent. Shortly after that, in March 2017, she traveled to Florida to shoot her debut film. 

Within less than a year of making her industry debut, Kenzie Reeves had already received a multitude of awards for her standout hardcore performances. 

While she adores filming a wide range of porn scenes, it's the "teen" genre where she has thrived, becoming a household name.

"Anything to do with a schoolgirl fantasy… Anything with a plaid skirt and a ruler smacking my ass… I am totally with it."

Since her 2022 Fleshlight Girl debut, Kenzie has remained as one of the top Fleshlight girl product sales month-in-month-out. It should go without saying that this all-new version of her "lady" male stroker is worth the hype. 

Let's check it out.

Kenzie Reeves Lady Fleshlight Overview: Creampuff ICE

You've never been inside a pussy this puffy!

One look at the outer orifice of Kenzie Reeves' unique vagina, and you'll quickly see why this has become a must-own sex toy. With its ultra-tight, thin lips contrasting with its protruding vulva, Kenzie's Creampuff practically screams, "Cum inside me, daddy." 

Now, in this all-new transparent version of her fan-favorite Fleshlight, you get the added benefit of heightened visual stimulation as you penetrate her slender slit. 

kenzie reeves ice fleshlight orifice

Once inside, prepare for a narrow inner texture designed for an all-in-one gripping, massaging, and sucking sensation.

kenzie reeves ice fleshlight texture

With its smooth and sexy horizontal teardrop nubs, and intermittent ultra-narrow constrictions, this multi-chambered male stroker feels great without being overpowering. 

Experience for yourself what everybody is talking about. 

Shop the Kenzie Reeves ICE Fleshlight today!

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