Slippery When Wet: Your Guide to Different Types of Lube

If you don’t already know that using lube is important, well, listen up! We're here today to talk about why you need to treat your toys, yourself, and any partners you’re with as kindly as you treat your car engine. No, really. Your car cannot perform without lube—and so it follows that neither can your male masturbator, nor any consenting adult hoping to actually enjoy sex. 


Lube not only protects the body (or your Fleshlightduring play time, it actually enhances the fun as well—think of it as getting more ‘mileage’ per thrust. In fact, depending on the product(s) used, some lube can help men to desensitize their penis and delay ejaculation, and other lube provides exquisite warming that encourages blood flow to all the right places. We know there are lots of “lubes” and “lotions” and weird hippy "plant-based things" on the market today—it can get confusing as hell! So today, we’re breaking down the basic facts about the most popular kinds of lube on the market--and what to consider before you buy. 


Water-Based Lube 

This is the go-to and the OG of lube (we will not speak of the ancient people who used lard, cooking oil, or scarier substances).  Water-based lube is also the lube most people can find at the drugstore—KY is not just the abbreviation for the state of Kentucky... The reason for this ubiquitousness is because water-based lubes are PH-balanced and body-safe for penetration or external play. They also work great with latex and non-latex condoms so you can stay wet and play safe too. 

Water-based lube is also great for use with your silicone toys because [unlike silicone lube] it will not degrade their finish over time. (Yes, you read that right: silicone lube does NOT go on silicone toys!)  

Because water-based lube is a great default to keep on hand (or in-hand!) Fleshlight lubes are ALL water-based--and are always ready to show you a rockin’ good time! You can use our line of lubes for both masturbation and partnered play time. 


Our basic “all-purpose” Fleshlube will make most people slick and very happy when they use their favorite Fleshlight sleeve. 

Want some gentle warming action to heat up play time? Cozy up with Fleshlube Fire. 

Meanwhile, Fleshlube Ice delivers cooling sensations and tingles that many people find enhances the fun too. 

Can’t decide which Fleshlube to try first? Try them all with our Fleshlube combo pack and save! 


And, lastly for all you self-proclaimed ass-men of the world, we even made Fleshlube Slide Anal, which is formulated to be thicker and longer lasting so you can prolong the backdoor fun. 


Silicone Lube 

If you want to play in the shower, hot tub, or pool with your partner, a water-based lube isn’t going to work, because it will just wash away. So, what should you use instead? Silicone lube!  

Silicone lube is your friend for water play, and as it is hypoallergenic, it is also great if you happen to have incredibly sensitive skin. Also, silicone lube tends to last longer and some people prefer silicone lube’s texture to that of water-based lube.  Unfortunately, the real downside to silicone lube is that it does not play nice with any silicone sex toys, including your Fleshlight. Once again: use water-based lube to avoid damaging your favorite male toy. 


Oil-Based Lube 

Love a massage with a happy ending? Then you probably will love having an oil-based lube around for that occasion. Oil-based lubes are excellent for partners who want to enjoy erotic massage and all manner of sensual relaxation. You’ll find oil-based lubes inside specially designated massage candles--and they even make CBD oil lubes for enhanced relaxation too. However, oil-based lubes have a few drawbacks: they are not compatible with condoms and have been known to cause breakage; oil can stain your sheets or clothing (or her nice lingerie); and oil-based lubes can cause yeast to flourish...which is never good. You may therefore want to a> put a towel down, and b> limit your usage of oil lubricants in contexts where there’s no penetration. 


Final Thoughts 

It is important to understand that not all lubes are created equally for every situation....Make sure to always read the product label on the lube you buy (duh!), and also take a look at the manufacturer's guidelines for maintaining your favorite toys. Additionally, if you experience any allergies or discomfort when using a certain lube, discontinue usage immediately and try something else. Again: when it comes to lube, water-based will play best with most toys, partners--and also you too, so you don’t chafe anything important! Be sure to keep your lube supply fully stocked—grab a bottle now so you don’t run out when you’re ready and raring to go with your newest Fleshlight Girl replica 

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