The First-Time Fleshlight Buyers Guide: Beginners Start Here!

The First-Time Fleshlight Buyers Guide: Beginners Start Here!

Welcome to another segment of the Fleshlife blog. Today, we're speaking directly to you, a first-timer Fleshlight fapper. If you're reading this, you're likely new to the "sex toys for men" world and have questions. You even might be feeling some hesitancy and maybe a bit of confusion...

If this describes you, keep reading. We'll cover seven simple steps you should take in order to become the owner of the Fleshlight - the finest, most realistic masturbator available today.

Step 1: Relax. It's Just a Sex Toy

If you're on the fence, anxious about purchasing and owning a Fleshlight, know that you're not alone. Many first-time Fleshlight buyers have reported feelings of hesitation, self-judgment, and shame before (and after) purchasing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong or "weird" about a man owning a sex toy, in our humble opinion. On the contrary, if you simply consider the global sex toys market size was valued at USD 33.64 billion in 2020, it's outright comical to feel like you're the "only one" tempted to purchase your own.

Add to this the fact that women make up the vast majority of all buyers despite that, on average; their sex drive is far below that of the typical man.


So, not only should you feel not alone, but also justified in treating yourself to one yourself.

Step 2: Identify Your "Hiding Spot" 

Next, to both quell your anxieties about owning a sex toy and also for the practical purpose of simply not having others find your Fleshlight collection, you'll want to decide on the place you plan on storing it. 

Lucky for you, we've written an entire article dedicated to hiding your Fleshlight

In a nutshell, we recommend you find a private place or one where your Fleshlight blends with your other personal items such as a closet or toiletry cabinet.

Step 3: Shop Your Ideal Fleshlight

When you're ready, head over to our website and begin browsing our extensive collection of Fleshlight products. To choose, you'll want first to determine your needs as well as your budget.

Having trouble deciding? 

Begin by thinking about what you're craving the most in your sex life. 

Maybe it is tantalizing pussy-crushing sex


Or, it could be some tight backdoor, anal action.


Then again, maybe you just need a deep-throat suction blowjob.


If you narrow it down but still have questions, there are some great resources to help you. 

Check out websites FleshTest, Flesh Assist, and up-and-coming YouTube channel Professor Flesh. Finally, Reddit’s Fleshlight page serves as a phenomenal resource for all things Fleshlight, too.

Step 4: Don't Forget the Lube

When purchasing your Fleshlight(s), you'll also want to remember to only a water-based lube with it. Silicon-based lubes and lotions will destroy the soft SuperSkin material from which it is made. 

Our premium water-based Fleshlube Water lubricant comes in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and travel-friendly size 2oz, perfect for carry-on airline bags.


This patented lube is the ideal complement to your sexual activities, whether it's with your Fleshlight, or a partner, or both! Fleshlube is made from the highest quality medical-grade ingredients and provides a silky smooth experience that enhances sexual pleasures. 

You won't find a better water-based lubricant out there. Get yours here!

Step 5: Consider Additional Accessories

Next, before you check out, you'll want to consider a few Fleshlight accessories. Believe us when we say this. This is not a shameless upsell, but our top recommended add-ons. These will truly make your stroking experience that much more satisfying, easy, and one that will increase the lifespan of your investment many times over. 

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is a must-own accessory. Experienced Fleshlight users know that at room temperature, penetration can feel quite cold. 


Most men prefer a life-like, warm slit to slide into. The Fleshlight sleeve warmer safely and easily warms your toy in minutes.

Get yours here!

Fleshlight Shower Mount

As the name suggests, the Fleshlight Shower Mount allows you to enjoy your Fleshlight while you bathe more easily. Since you're in the process of buying your first Fleshlight, why not upgrade your experience?


This suction-based, adjustable attachment lets you attach your Fleshlight product securely to your shower wall for one of the best hands-free Fleshlight sessions you'll ever experience. This high-quality Fleshlight accessory has been a customer favorite for years, making it one of our most rigorously tested masturbation methods. 

Buy one today! 

Product Care

After use, you'll want to not only rinse your Fleshlight out with warm water but also keep pesky mold from ever developing both inside and out. We recommend you purchase FleshWash, our antibacterial spray. 

To use, simply apply it to the exterior as well as into your Fleshlight's interior.

Next, once your sleeve is thoroughly dried, if you genuinely want to keep your Fleshlight "like new" for years and years, we suggest you use our 

Renewal Powder 

Applied to your Fleshlight SuperSkin material, it helps to retain the smooth, silky feel you experienced with your very first stroke.

Simply sprinkle a little around the sleeve's exterior and interior, give it a shake, and store it back into its case.

Bottom line: don't hesitate on product care. 

Buy yours here and ensure your Fleshlight lasts you a lifetime.

Drying Racks

Once you've blown your load and given your Fleshlight a thorough cleaning, there's only one thing left to do - you've got to dry it.

To make this process as easy as possible, we designed three affordable drying racks for you to choose from. 


Pick yours up here!

Step 6: Understand How Our Shipping Works

When it comes to shipping and handling, many of our first-timers are nervous, concerned, and have questions. 

First, you must know that every package we send out is unmarked and discreet. You will never see the word "Fleshlight" on any of our boxes. Instead, look for the inconspicuous "ILF" in its stead.


You might also be wondering, "What does the package look like?"

All of our orders are shipped in a plain cardboard box. The shipping label will identify the shipper as ILF, LLC. Again, we will never reference "," "Sex Toy," or any other identifying description related to products designed for adults.

Another popular question we've often received is: "Do I have to be home at the time of delivery?"

The answer: 

No, we do not require a signature for delivery.

Carriers may leave the package with an apartment management office or even on your front/back porch if the driver deems that the area is secure enough to leave the box. 

Otherwise, a notice will be posted that a delivery attempt was made, and it will offer a variety of ways for you to obtain your order.

Step 7: Don't Forget Cleaning and Care

We mentioned this in Step 5, but it's worth reiterating for you newbies: as soon as you blow your load, you should proceed to clean your Fleshlight. You would be surprised to know that many guys screw on the caps and store them away, thinking, "I'll take care of that later." 

Don't put off cleaning your Fleshlight; you want to make sure to do this ASAP, ensuring you're doing your due diligence by not allowing any residue to remain inside. 


We wrote all about our entire recommended process on cleaning and caring for your Fleshlight. Click here to read it!

We hope you've found this Fleshlight beginner's guide helpful. You now know everything you need to join the ever-growing community of satisfied Fleshlight owners. We're happy to have you aboard! 

Click here to begin shopping for all of our products today!

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