The Boost BLOW - The Ultimate Blowjob Fleshlight

The Boost BLOW - The Ultimate Blowjob Fleshlight

As men, we've all experienced it many times before – an overwhelming sexual urge, but without anyone in the picture to help alleviate these carnal desires.

During these difficult times, we must take the responsibility of fulfilling these needs into our own hands.

Of course, if you're reading this, you're likely aware that helping you accomplish this feat is our specialty. 

Regardless of which product of ours you have either used or just seen online, you've never witnessed anything quite like our most recent creation:

Introducing the Fleshlight Boost Blow – a revolutionary oral sex simulator designed to give men unrivaled deep-throating pleasure. 

Let's dive into the ins and outs of this epically erotic male stroker.

The Fleshlight Boost BLOW

Okay, what exactly is it about the Boost Blow that makes it so unique? 

The Boost's Metallic Blue Case

Upon receiving your Fleshlight Boost Blow, the first thing you'll notice as you pull it out of its box is its striking metallic blue case. This attractive exterior comes standard with all Boost Fleshlights, so rest assured that you'll be stroking in style regardless of which model you choose (Bang, Blast, or Blow).

The "Blow" Orifice

To get started, twist off the main front cap of your brand new Boost masturbator, and prepare yourself for the blowjob of your dreams by first warming and then lubing up your “Blow” device.

With its incredibly detailed orifice (lips, tongue, and teeth); you won't believe the incredible realism we have packed into this oral sex toy.

Every product in our Boost collection comes in two skin tones: light-medium or medium-dark. So, whichever shade of person you want gobbling your cock, we offer you the ability to choose. 

The Blow Texture

As you glide your rod across their tongue and through their mouth, the Boost Blow's "Turbo Tech" floating rings are designed to deliver your member a realistic swallowing sensation upon entry instantly. 

As your new friend deeply engulfs your manhood, prepare for an intense deepthroat experience as her multitude of ridge clusters, large nubs, and elongated bumps massage your erection to perfection. 

The Newly Designed Suction Control Cap

All Boost Fleshlights also include our brand-new Suction Control Cap, allowing users to dial up their preferred tightness and intensity like never before. 

This innovative feature allows you to harness the natural air waves seen in previous Fleshlight models but with much greater ease, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

The Fleshlight Boost takes everything you love about Fleshlight products and takes them to a whole other level of realism and intensity. Simply put, if you're looking for the most realistic, oral sex replica sex toy on the market, the Boost Blow Fleshlight is what you've been searching for.

Shop yours here today!

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