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Return of the FREAKS!

Halloween is all about scary things – ghosts, monsters, and aliens, to name a few. Back in 2011, we released our very first line of the popular “Freak” Fleshlights, including a Zombie, bride of Frankenstein, and many more, all with creative, original textures and innovative orifices. 

Due to popular demand, in this article, we’re announcing the return of eight of our original Fleshlight Freaks to satisfy your kinkiest desires! 
Here, we’ll take a quick look at each toy, reviewing both its unique, spooky orifice on the outside as well as its wonderfully pleasing texture on the inside.

Freak #1: Bigfoot

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be pleasured by a hairy, massive, bipedal ape-woman? 

Maybe not. 

But, then again, maybe so. 

Either way, this is the chance of a lifetime–an opportunity to be taken for a wild ride by the mythical Bigfoot!


With its wavy, full-lipped labia and enhanced protruding pleasure beads that are not seen in any other Fleshlight, the lady Bigfoot is designed to deliver you BIG orgasms time and time and again. 


Enter if you dare... Get yours today!

Freak #2: Predator

No, Schwarzenegger isn't here to save you, so you’re going to have to handle the Predator all by yourself. To avoid going from the hunter to the hunted, you’re going to have to take control and fuck her into submission. 


Both terrifying and enticing at the same time, the Predator’s interior nubs, curved “teeth,” and tightening ring in its center will latch onto you and resist letting go until it’s left you dry.


Get yours here!

Freak #3: Zombie

This Fleshlight Freak is designed to do one thing: fuck your brains out.

While physical interaction with a lady Zombie might feel a bit risky, take one look at her inviting lips and see if you can resist. 


Made with Fleshlight's patented SuperSkin material in amazing detail, your dead nights will now be very much alive.


With a texture consisting of bumps, a tight ribbed canal, and a lotus node, you won’t want to let this sex toy pass you buy. Get yours here!

Freak #4 Zombie Mouth 

Contrary to popular belief, zombie babes don't want to eat your brain–they want to suck you off! 


Although this Zombie mouth might look to be in worse shape than a meth addict’ from Breaking Bad, don’t be fooled, pure blowjob bliss awaits you inside. 


With a variety of beads, nubs, and a tightening throat chamber, you won’t want to miss out on this dick sucking freak. Available only for a limited time, grab yours here.

Freak #5: Cyborg

The Fleshlight Cyborg is the ultimate experience in AI (Artificial Intercourse). As always, this Freak is made with Fleshlight's patented SuperSkin material in stunning detail. 


The inner canal of the Cyborg Fleshlight is a multi-chamber system consisting of a wide variety of sensations. 


As you penetrate the lady Cyborg you’re met with a snug entry, cross-rib textures, and massaging pleasure nubs meant to replicate a futuristic sexual experience. 

Buy your Cyborg pussy today!

Freak #6: Frankenstein

You are almost certain to scream "It's Alive!" when you experience the multitude of sensations of this abhorred monster as she wraps firmly around your cock. 


Despite the strange outward appearance, the lady Frankenstein’s interior texture is where it truly excels. The canal begins with a tight entrance passage which merges immediately into a concave Lotus node. 


Behind the lotus node is a wide chamber with a series of flat bumps inside. As you come to its end the canal tightens again but this time with a surface covered with by four zigzagging seams stretching until the end of this sex toy. 

Get yourself this Fleshlight Freak here!

Freak #7: Reaper

Did you know that 90% of all men have fantasized about banging a beautiful swamp monster?  

Just kidding. That’s not true at all.

However, if we’ve now got you thinking, “Hmm, I wonder what that’d feel like?” this is the closest you'll (probably) ever come to experiencing it.


If you dare to enter the pointed tentacle-fangs, you’ll be surprised to encounter pure bliss. A relatively snug grip throughout, this Fleshlight Freak is designed with a variety of contrasting features throughout, leaving your cock both satisfied and wanting more.


The Fleshlight Reaper is proof that absolute heaven can be found in the places you least expect. 

Your Reaper pussy is available here!

Freak #8: Drac

Take a flight on the dark side with the Drac Fleshlight. Finally, you can now have what the realm of the living has been missing out on for centuries. 


This Freak’s elegant winged labia combined with its narrow slit opening unlike anything previously seen in other sex toys for men, but as with all Fleshlight products, it’s often the inside that is the most enticing.

Drac’s is covered by a single very distinctive high rib, which coils spiral-shaped throughout the entire insert. There are plenty of big bumps situated throughout this texture, which are also arranged in a spiral-shaped line. 


Experienced Fleshlight users will instantly recognize these bumps because they are the same seen in our bestselling Stamina Training Unit texture.

Available here!

Freak #9: Alien

The Fleshlight Alien has landed, bringing along with it an otherworldly sexual experience. If you’ve ever seen the movie Avatar, admit it, the idea of fucking an alien has crossed your mind (at least once). 


With its protruding neon blue lips and inviting triangular entrance, this is a must-own Freak texture.


This exclusive texture combines three of our most popular into one: it starts with a couple of inches of a spiral-shaped Vortex canal followed by a Lotus node with a tight constriction that leads to an intense Stamina Training Unit, bumpy, texture.

Buy yours today!

With that, we conclude our Return of the Freaks announcement. If you’re craving an other-worldly sexual experience, these sleeves are guaranteed to satisfy you.

But remember, these monstrous pussies are available for a limited time only.

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