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Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girls: Dominika


Welcome to another edition of “Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girls.” In today’s article, we interview the petite, European hottie, Dominika C. 

This lovely Fleshlight Girl hails from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Although not known to be the “typical” porn girl in terms of the content of her scenes, you may have previously seen the 5-foot 4-inch erotic model and adult star online before. With her brown hair, brown eyes, and gorgeous natural features, she’s easy to fall for.

Dominika C is a nomad who frequently travels the globe having her naked body captured by some of the world's best photographers. She is a cosmopolitan girl who speaks three languages: Czech, Italian, and English.

Let’s now shift from Dominika’s past to her present. Keep reading for her official “Keeping Up with The Fleshlight Girls” interview.

2020 has unquestionably been a crazy year for us all. What are some things you have been doing to cope with it?  
“I believe in positive thinking. All of the panicking about the pandemic and crazy news on TV doesn't help anybody. So, I focused on doing positive thinking. I did some things at home I didn’t have time to do before: painting, cleaning, going to the gym, cooking.
“I tried to have fun at home. I would watch a nice movie and I would try (in my head) to turn it into a positive situation and, of course, I still did my work and I started to carry out plans I had in my mind before but never realized them because of time now I had plenty of time to finish my projects.”
Are you currently seeing anyone? If so, do you mind telling us about them?
“Maybe… maybe not. You’ll have to read my book–coming soon–to find out (laughter). I do have a lot of friends around me and we meet online every day. I have not been alone.” 
Have you seen an increase in your OnlyFans and SnapChat Premium membership sign-ups since the start of quarantine?  
“I must say, online business has gone up. Yeah, on my personal website, too. As far as OnlyFans goes, I have not started working there yet.”
How has the current pandemic affected your love/dating life if at all?
“For me, it has been the same as it was before. Nothing has really changed.”
What has been your best 2020 experience so far? 
“Every day is a new experience. This is a difficult question to answer… but I take every situation, even the little experiences, and try to learn from them My life is all one big lesson.”
If you could describe 2020 in one word what would it be? 
What's your favorite scene you released this year? 
“Well, I have not really been shooting ‘scenes’ during the quarantine, but I have been working on a new project–a calendar for 2021.
“For this, I traveled to Mexico with a few friends with one of them being a great photographer. We took a lot of black and white photos for both my website and the upcoming calendar that I plan to sell through my website when it’s ready. I recently posted one on Instagram that you can check out if you like.”


Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests this year? 
“Yes! I am learning to create videos, edit with Adobe After Effects, learn Spanish, and improve my knowledge of psychology.”
Are there any you are interested in exploring?
“I want to learn almost everything (haha).”
 What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to this year? 
“So, like I said, I have not been shooting many adult scenes, but I am working on another project – my ‘photobook.’ I want to finish that this year.
“This photobook covers several years of shooting. You will be able to see photos from the first time I started modeling up until now. It’s something like an erotic art photobook of all my modeling years. In it, I will reveal things about my personal life, why I started modeling, what life I had before, and other things I have never revealed to the public before."

“I like to keep my personal life hidden from the public.”
Let’s talk about your Fleshlight. What is some of the feedback you’ve received from your fans?
“I always get positive feedback about my Fleshlight toy. They love it! (Especially the lips)”

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this segment of “Keeping Up with The Fleshlight Girls.” Do you want to experience more of what Dominika has to offer? Get inside the beautiful Czech with her Dominika Fleshlight featuring her signature Butterfly texture.

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