Fleshlight Ice Review

Fleshlight Ice Review


The Fleshlight Ice was launched in 2010 as the first totally see-through sex toy in the collection of Fleshlight sex toys for men. The Ice toys include the Ice Lady, Ice Butt, Quickshot Vantage, Ice Pure and Ice Aviator. These toys are also available paired up with Fleshlight water-based lube products and in sets for an ultimate orgasmic experience.

The see-through material is what makes these toys popular among guys who are seeking a satisfying release. Being able to see every stroke and every inch of the cock is a common thread in the Fleshlight Ice reviews from guys who have given these toys a go. There are multiple orifice options for this collection, allowing you to launch yourself into the fantasy of your choice. Choose one of the anatomical orifices, such as the Lady or the Butt, or go with the Pure, which allows you to use your imagination and change up your fantasy from one flight to the next.

Every man is different, and most guys want a toy that they will thoroughly enjoy when it comes to a satisfying orgasm. Choosing the right model of Fleshlight Ice allows you to have a pleasurable experience starting as soon as your tip penetrates the sleeve. This comprehensive Fleshlight Ice review will help you understand what this incredible collection of sex toys has to offer.

Lifelike SuperSkin Sleeves 

One of the most common comments in Fleshlight Ice reviews was about the lifelike texture of the patented SuperSkin sleeves. One user mentioned that with the right amount of Fleshlight water lube, it felt like he was penetrating a real vagina. Another happy Fleshlight Ice Lady user noted that he warmed up the sleeve first before penetrating it. This gave him a realistic experience that got him hard faster than he expected.

Not only is the orifice of each Fleshlight Ice toy realistic in its texture, but so is the interior part of the sleeve. Each of the toys has a different interior texture, and one user in his Fleshlight Ice review explained that this was why he got several of the Ice toys. He could enjoy the different textures based on what type of an experience he wanted that night.

The Ice Lady has tight ribbing and rings alternating with wider canals. The tightness of this toy was a turn-on. One Fleshlight Ice review from a user with a more compact penis said that the tightness of the sleeve was ideal for his size since he was able to feel the rings all the way around his shaft. A more well-endowed user in terms of both girth and shaft length noted that the Ice Lady stimulated him from base to tip in a way that made his back arch at orgasm.

The Ice Butt's sleeve features an incredibly tight orifice, which one Fleshlight Ice review explained hugged his tip all the way around and made for a realistic penetration experience. Upon thrusting into the Ice Butt, the same reviewer noted that the ribbing and nubs inside were intoxicating. The perky cheeks around the Ice Butt's orifice delivered perfect stimulation to another user's balls when he made deep strokes into the toy.

Guys who enjoy a variety of fantasies and encoded video content often chose the Pure Ice. Its non-anatomical orifice allowed them to think up a beautiful fantasy of a blowjob or a tight ass with realistic results. The Pure's pert opening and fleshy orifice made users feel fully immersed in the experience.

Enjoy the Clear-as-Ice View

Almost every review from guys who took the Ice Lady up on its promise of a fantastic time found that the clear-as-ice view was their biggest turn-on. Both the case and the sleeve are transparent. When gazing through the case, the optics make your cock look bigger, noted one user in his Fleshlight Ice review. He reported that his average-size member looked extraordinary when he watched each thrust into the Fleshlight Ice Butt. This was a big ego boost for him, and it enhanced his confidence for the next time he was with his partner.

Turn Your Partner on With Your Performance

The view is also ideal for partnered play. One of the Fleshlight Ice reviews noted that his partner got rather hot and bothered by seeing his cock thrust into the Ice Lady, which further enhanced the intensity of both of their orgasms. Not only did users get turned on by seeing each thrust, but they also got to see the fireworks at the end. Seeing that fireworks display was a game changer for several of the Fleshlight Ice reviews from couples who got the toy to enhance their time in the bedroom together.

Multiple Orifices to Choose From

Every Fleshlight Ice toy has a clear case, and there are different sleeves to choose from. When you're ready for an anal adventure, the Ice Butt is the way to go. The Ice Butt has a perfectly rounded orifice, and guys who have tried it out noted in their Fleshlight Ice reviews that their initial penetration was mind-blowing. The realistic texture felt just like they were penetrating a tight ass.

The Lady orifice is also a favorite among guys who wrote Fleshlight Ice reviews. The realistic lady lips are parted in a way that allows you to thrust your tip in or practice edging. The lips even have a clit with a little hood on top, providing additional stimulation to your tip upon penetration. In one of the Fleshlight Ice reviews, a user noted that the clit delivered intense stimulation to the base of his penis and his balls when he did deep strokes into the canal.

Soar to New Heights With Intense Orgasms

Users who left Fleshlight Ice reviews noted that the intensity of their orgasms was enhanced by the tightness of the sleeve textures, especially when they paired up with one of the Fleshlight lube products. The canal's tightness ranges from 0.4 to 0.6 inches, providing tightness all the way around the cock. The end of the chamber flares, providing more space for the end result. A few users noted that the flared teardrop shape of the end chamber was ideal because it reduced direct stimulation on their heads. This allowed them to enjoy the shaft stimulation without the distraction of head stimulation at orgasm.

The intensity of the stimulation is ideal for guys who are cut. Several circumcised users commented in their reviews that the tight rings and big bumps felt good on their less-sensitive heads. They got the level of stimulation that they just couldn't feel with other toys.

With each thrust into a Fleshlight Ice toy, the penis is exposed to nubs, bumps and rings. These different sensations change based on how fast you thrust and how deep you stroke, notes one Fleshlight Ice review. If you like rapid changes in texture, it won't be long before you orgasm. Another reviewer noted that the ergonomic design of the case made it easier for him to work on his stamina. He could hold onto the case's grips, practice his edging skills and hone the speed of his thrusting and the depth of his strokes based on his own body's response.

Allow Your Partner to Pleasure You

Multiple users who left detailed Fleshlight Ice reviews noted the multifunctionality of the Quickshot Vantage. Not only did they enjoy this toy for solo sessions while traveling overnight for work or for vacations, but they also explained that it is an ideal toy for partnered play. One user mentioned that when he put the Quickshot Vantage on, his partner was able to take control of moving it up and down the length of his cock or turning it to provide new sensations. Having his partner take control of the toy allowed him to be surprised with the different sensations and to enjoy the exquisite pleasure of a satisfying end result.

Another user who left a detailed Fleshlight Ice review noted how well the Quickshot Vantage pairs with a blowjob. Since the insertable length of the Quickshot Vantage is 3.5 inches, most guys will be topping out by an inch or more. This provides plenty of space for some sucking and teasing with the partner's lips. A user whose partner has a difficult time taking in the full length of his cock when giving a blowjob noted that he was able to get full stimulation from base to tip by combining the toy with the delectable lips of his partner. Their partners also left Fleshlight Ice reviews, explaining that they were rightly turned on by seeing how their sucking, teasing and stroking of the Quickshot Vantage got their partners hard, and they also enjoyed seeing the end result and directing the location of the fireworks.

A few creative guys noted that the Quickshot Vantage can be used in another way. They both inserted their cocks into the toy, which was easy because of the two orifices. Their tips met in the middle, providing a light teasing and tickling sensation. Being able to see the other person's response was a top turn-on reported in these Fleshlight Ice reviews. The partners took turns manipulating the case, bringing both of them to orgasm at the same time.


Try It With Other Fleshlight Toys

Since you can see through the Fleshlight Ice toys, they pair well with many of the other Fleshlight accessories. One user said that he had the most fun by pairing his Fleshlight Ice Lady with the Fleshlight Shower Mount. The Shower Mount allows you to adjust the angle of penetration for your personal level of comfort. The Shower Mount attaches to the wall of the shower with suction cups, and it works with the Ice Lady, Ice Pure and Ice Butt toys.

A frequent flier of the Fleshlight Ice Butt noted that he enjoyed using it with one of the hands-free mounts. This allowed him to penetrate the orifice doggy-style, which is his favorite position. Going hands-free allowed him to use his hands for more stimulation on his balls and nipples, which brought him to orgasm faster.

Create a Unique Solo Experience

There are many ways to enjoy a unique experience every time with the Fleshlight Ice toys, explained one satisfied user. He noted that an easy way to change it up is to switch up the type of lube. When he wants things to come quickly, he uses the Fleshlight Fire, which warms up his cock with each thrust. When he wants to work on his stamina, he uses the Fleshlight Ice water-based lube.

Another Fleshlight Ice reviewer who has the Ice Lady toy noted that he could get a different experience by changing how deeply he thrusts. The different textures throughout the length of the canal allow him to enjoy tight ribs, tickling nubs, tight beads or all three, depending on how far he chooses to thrust. An owner of the Quickshot Vantage noted that he would simply change which orifice to penetrate. One orifice has a slightly tighter opening than the other, and each end has a different texture. Varying the encoded video or digital content with the Launch or the VStroker is also an easy way to make each flight with the Ice a unique experience.

Enjoy Pleasure On-the-Go

Several Ice reviewers noted that they chose the Aviator to have as a sort of travel companion. Since traveling can be stressful and frustrating, having the toy along made it easier for those users to have a satisfying release at the end of a long day. The discreet case design of the Aviator made it easy to pack into a suitcase or a carry-on bag for an overnight trip. The Aviator does not obviously look like a sex toy, and the reviewers did not have any embarrassing moments passing through the airport security checkpoints. The Aviator's insertable length of 6 inches accommodates most guys.

Another ideal compact travel companion in the Ice collection is the Quickshot Vantage. Just 4 inches long from orifice to orifice, it makes for an ideal travel companion. Both the Aviator and the Quickshot Vantage are lightweight. The sleeves in these toys dry quickly, which is due to their shorter length.

Simple Cleaning and Refreshing for Extended Use

Since the Fleshlight Ice toys are clear, they are easy to get clean. Multiple users explained that the Fleshlight product care items, including Fleshwash and Fleshlight Renewing powder, made it easy to clean up after their end results and get the toy ready for their next solo or partnered session. Cleaning these Ice toys only takes a few minutes, and then the sleeve air-dries after a few hours. One reviewer noted that taking the sleeve out and turning it inside out made the toy quicker to clean.

Another reviewer said that the sleeve dried faster when he used the hotel room's hair dryer on the cold setting. A pragmatic guy discovered that turning the sleeve inside out and wiping it down with a soft cloth helped it dry faster so that it would be ready for his next ride in less time. Several Fleshlight Ice reviews from experienced users noted that applying a light layer of the renewing powder made the toy feel as good as new. After reading these Fleshlight Ice reviews from guys who have already taken a trip with these toys, you can decide for yourself how to use them, with whom to use them and which toy or pleasure pack to get for your solo sessions or partnered play.

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