6 Ways to Use Your Fleshlight Hands-Free!

6 Ways to Use Your Fleshlight Hands-Free!

If you’re reading this right now, you likely fall into one of two camps: 

  1. You want a Fleshlight.

  2. You already have a Fleshlight (or several of them). 

And, you have a problem: You’re getting bored of the typical “sit back and stroke it” method.  

Whether it’s sheer instinct or just a naturally pervy curiosity, something funny happens when you become a Fleshlight owner - you immediately begin brainstorming different ways to bang it. 

“How can I make my Fleshlight experience more fun, realistic, and exciting?” 

“How can I make masturbation not so ‘hands-on?’”

Well, luckily for you, we have answers to these age-old questions. 

In this article, we’ll look at six ways to use your Fleshlight hands-free or, at least, partially so.

#1 The “DIY” Method

The do-it-yourself or “DIY” method for fucking your Fleshlight hands-free is quite simple, and while the fundamentals remain the same, you have plenty of room for creativity on your end.

The idea here is to take your prepared (warmed and lubed) Fleshlight and place it somewhere where you can trust with your hips instead of relying on your hands and arms to do all of the work for you. 

Some examples of this are, but are not limited to...

A Folded Pillow

Simply fold a pillow in half and insert your Fleshlight in between both ends, creating an exterior housing for it that holds it in place.

If you’re lying in your bed, this setup allows you to lie down on top of it and thrust missionary style. When you want to change things up, move to your knees, lift up the pillow, and continue thrusting “doggy style.”

Couch Cushion 

If your living situation allows for it, you can also similarly slide your Fleshlight in between your couch cushions while you thrust back and forth to your heart’s (and dick’s!) delight. 

Again, these are just two DIY examples, so let your creativity and living situation be your guide as you come up with your own hands-free approach to Fleshlight. 

This Option Might Be For You...

If your living situation permits it, you don’t want to spend money and want to be able to go to pound-town on your favorite Fleshlight toys whenever the urge arises.

#2 Stroke While You Shower 

#2a The Standard Shower Mount 

As the name suggests, the Fleshlight Shower Mount allows you to more easily enjoy your Fleshlight while you bathe. If you already use your favorite Fleshlight product in the shower, why not upgrade your experience? 

This suction-based, adjustable attachment lets you attach your Fleshlight product securely to your shower wall for one of the best hands-free Fleshlight sessions you’ll ever experience. This high-quality Fleshlight accessory has been a customer favorite for years, making it one of our most rigorously tested masturbation methods.

This Option Might Be For You...

If you’re a fan of shower masturbation! If this is one of your “go-to” options for yanking your chain, this is an easy way to change things up a bit and to give your hand a rest. Simply pop it on your shower wall, screw in your favorite standard-sized Fleshlight, and you’re ready to go. 

Buy yours today!


#2b Flight Adaptor 

The Fleshlight Adaptor allows you to enjoy two of your favorite Fleshlight sex toys along with your next steamy hot shower: the Flight and the Fleshlight GO. Unscrew the cap from your Fleshlight Flight or GO unit, screw on the Flight Adapter, and then pop it onto the Shower Mount. 

As always, when using the Shower Mount and the Flight Adaptor, be sure to follow the Shower Mount instructions to attach your Flight or GO sex toy to any flat, secure surface before you take off. 

This Option Might Be For You...

If you love both shower stroking AND your Fleshlight Flight and GO products. Make sure to pick up this item if you want to get the very most out of your Shower Mount and have a hands-free fuck in a hot and steamy environment. 

Upgrade your shower mount today!


#2c QuickShot Adaptor

The Quickshot Shower Mount Adapter allows you to… well, you guessed it, enjoy your Quickshot (hands-free) while in the shower. Be sure to keep careful with your thrusts, though. Depending on your length, you can only go so deep before your penis reaches the Quickshot Adaptor. 

This Option Might Be For You...

If you’re a Quickshot guy and you want to get off while you shower off. In addition to this, if you want to heighten the suction effect of your Quickshot, this might be right up your alley.

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#3 Liberator Missionary Mount

Do you fantasize about being able to go balls deep into your favorite Fleshlight Girl or other standard-sized Fleshlight product while lying down in the missionary position? 

Well, this can now be a reality when using the Liberator Mission Mount. 

Get On a Mission to find satisfaction with this versatile missionary style Fleshlight mount, designed exclusively for Fleshlight by Liberator

Ideal for both hands-free pleasure and stamina training techniques, this wipeable mount also includes the patented microfiber base for non-skid use. 

This Option Might Be For You...

If you love missionary position penetration! Also, if you’ve tried the DIY approach but found it either awkward or simply not your cup of tea. If you want the very best missionary Fleshlight banging experience available today, this is it!

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#4 Liberator Doggie Mount

With the Liberator Doggie Mount, you can train yourself to be the Doggystyle king every woman dreams about. Ideal for both hands-free pleasure and stamina training techniques, this wipeable mount also includes a patented microfiber base for non-skid use. 

This Option Might Be For You...

If you love Doggystyle penetration! 

Also, if you’ve tried the DIY pillow or cushion approach but found it not as stable and realistic as you’d like. If you want to add another dimension to your Fleshlight’s capabilities, the Liberator Doggie mount is 100% for you. 

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#5 Quickshot Launch

The Quickshot Launch turns your Quickshot toy into a fully automated blowjob experience. 

Featuring an innovative, intuitive design, simply turn it on, wrap your hands around its unique throttle controls, slide in your rock-hard member, and launch! 

With a simple flick of your thumbs, you control the length of both your strokes and speed. With its innovative touch control system, just set the controls, sit back and enjoy!

Since it’s a machine-operated thrusting experience, you won’t tire yourself out during the fapping process. And, as far as your cock is concerned, this is an entirely “hands-on” experience.

As if this wasn’t already enough, the Quickshot Launch comes equipped with a smartphone mount, enabling the option of viewing your favorite adult content while both hands man the controls.

This Option Might Be For You…

If you own a Quickshot product... AND if you want to feel one of the best experiences that Fleshlight has to offer. You’re literally getting a full-blown hands-free Quickshot stroking experience any time you want it.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!


#6 Universal Launch

Similar to the Quickshot version, the Universal Launch is designed specifically for all standard-sized and GO series Fleshlights.

To get started, grab your prepared Fleshlight masturbator and attach it to its universal ratchet cradle. Once your Fleshlight is locked and loaded, you will then use your right hand to fire up the Universal Launch by pressing the stand-alone power button. 

Next, get acquainted with the Universal Launch’s easy-to-use rocker switches - one on the left, the other on the right. One controls the speed and the other the “stroke.”  

When in use, effortlessly toggle between four speeds and strokes. Whether you’re in the mood for long and slow strokes, short and intense ones, or something in between, the power is literally in your hands.

Add to this the Universal Launch’s precise controls that alter the positioning of where you want the Fleshlight to focus. Effortlessly alternate between three available pleasure zones – base, shaft, or tip. 

Identical to the Quickshot launch, this automated cock riding machine comes equipped with a smartphone mount, enabling the option of viewing your favorite adult content while both hands remain firmly in its control.

This Option Might Be For You…

If you want to take your favorite Fleshlight and Fleshlight GO series sex toys to the next level. If you love it when she climbs on top and takes control, ridding you to orgasmic bliss, you owe it to yourself to get yourself a Universal Launch today. Click here to check it out!


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