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Riley Steele

Riley Steele

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Experience What It's Like to Have Sex With Riley Steele

They say that "blondes have more fun," and if the saying is true, Riley Steele is a perfect example of a sexy blue-eyed blonde who's living up to the motto. Hailing from sunny San Diego, California, as Brittni Anne Palmer and born on August 26, the 5' 7" Virgo has been giving guys what they want since she shot her first scene in "Naked Aces 5." Slender and beautiful with long blond hair, long legs, bodacious breasts and a luscious posterior, Riley is known for her 50+ films in the adult entertainment business, including such fan favorites as "Code of Honor" and "Riley Goes Gonzo."

"I’ve always been very secure being naked. I feel more turned-on knowing I’m being videotaped, and that people are going to be watching me have sex," Riley once said. "That’s the biggest turn-on for me, knowing that I’m inspiring someone else’s sex life."

The most popular adult film stars win the most coveted awards, and Riley Steele -- who got into the adult entertainment industry after being inspired and mentored by veteran Jesse Jane -- is no exception. With her sexy image and the way she turns guys on, it's no wonder she's won over 25 awards, including AVN's Crossover Star of the Year for 2011.

A woman as gorgeous as Riley Steele can be found in print as well. You've seen her in all the top men's magazines including Hustler, High Society, Club, Cheri, and Gore Zone. The blonde is so popular that she's even landed roles in mainstream film and TV, such as a featured role in "Piranhas 3D," directed by the French horror film director Alexandre Aja. Released in 2010 and starring such stars as Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, Ving Rhames, and Richard Dreyfuss, the film features Steele in the part of Crystal Shepard. "I thought getting an audition for 'Piranhas 3D' was one of the highlights of my life, but when I was offered the part, I almost died," said Riley Steele. "I'm going to be around all these amazing actors, so I really want to keep up and learn from them."

You may join the many admirers who dream about having sex with Riley Steele, and she's made it known that she loves the attention. In fact, chances are, you're precisely what Riley has in mind. She has many turn-ons, and one of them is a man's hands. But, Riley says, he needs to be a man who "knows how to use them!" Your hands can get to work on a signature Riley Steele pocket pussy, allowing you to achieve true heights of pleasure and powerful orgasms.

Savor the Pleasure With Your Personal Riley Steele Sex Toy

When you have sex with Riley Steele, you'll want to explore all the tremendous pleasures of her delectable body. Fleshlight makes it possible to dive deep with the popular "Lady" and "Butt" sex toys modeled from her unforgettable orifices. Start with your own personal Riley Steele pocket pussy with the "Lady" orifice that looks and feels just like slipping right inside Riley, thanks to Fleshlight's patented Real-Feel SuperSkin material for the most realistic intercourse simulation on the planet. Plunge deep inside the customized "Mini Lotus," the "Lotus," or the best-selling "Nipple Alley" sleeve. The unique Nipple Alley texture lets you really get the intensity of sex with Riley. It's filled with a gripping, sensational speed bump texture that also includes tiny dots on the top of the bumps for extra enhancement. You'll feel tremendous pleasure with every stroke as your Riley fantasies come to life. All of it is discreetly hidden inside a casing that resembles an ordinary flashlight. You can also enjoy discreet shipping to your home address in a plain cardboard box; your Riley Steele pocket pussy is just for you.

Enhance Your Fun with a Multi-Pack

Over at Fleshlight, sexy Riley Steele has teamed up with an impressive woman who has been in the business for years: the famous cougar Nina Hartley. You can have two of the ladies of your wildest dreams available to fulfill all your fantasies. The Cougar Alley Pack includes Nina Hartley's Cougar Lady Sleeve, Riley Steele's Nipple Alley Lady Sleeve, two Fleshlight Girl Pearl Cases, two of Fleshlight's lubes and a shower mount, everything a guy needs for ongoing fun with some of the sexiest women in the world.

After All That Fun, Don't Forget to Clean Up

When you spend some up-close-and-personal time with the exciting and erotic Riley Steele, it's easy to keep your sex toy clean and ready for you to come back for more. When your playtime is over, wiping down and maintaining your Fleshlight is a breeze. The So Fresh and So Clean Pack is designed to keep your Fleshlight clean and in good working order. Specifically, the Fleshwash cleans your toy, while the Renewing Powder makes your every experience feel like you're getting with Riley for the very first time. It's cruelty-free, not tested on animals, and designed to pamper your skin as well as Riley's SuperSkin.

"Usually, guys freak themselves out knowing I’m a porn star. I think it makes them nervous," said Riley Steele. Riley makes it clear that she loves all kinds of variations. "But you’ll never hear me say, 'I won’t have sex with you because it’s too small!' No way! I love sex too much to be worried about if you’re smaller than the last guy."

Riley Steele may be a beautiful California blonde who can get any man she wants at any time she wants, but it's clear that Riley enjoys all men and savors the attention. With your own personal Riley Steele Fleshlight, your wildest dreams can be realized.


  • The full size Fleshlight is our largest option which accommodates 8-9 inches in length and a 7 1/2-inch girth.

Care Instructions

All Fleshlights are body safe made with our patented 100% phthalate-free SuperSkin™ material (beware of imitations).

*Trust Fleshlight-branded products to extend the life of your Fleshlight. Use only water-based lubricants to avoid damaging your Fleshlight.

Please follow this link to view our use & care guide:

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  • Nipple Alley

    Nipple Alley is based on the wildly popular speed bump texture with the added sensation of tiny nipple-like dots on the top of the bumps. This added level of stimulation tickles you all the way up and down for an extra level of sensation.

  • Lit

    Just like Riley Steele's fun and bubbly personality, Lit is the epitome of this sex symbol's outrageous nymphomaniac ways. Each chamber of this anal canal is customized to exude pure sexual bliss. Fantasize about doing Riley Steele from the behind because this is Lit.

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