Nov 07, 2018

Your Ejaculation Is An Important Bodily Function For Many Reasons

Your Ejaculation Is An Important Bodily Function For Many Reasons
People have bodily functions that they go through every day. Your heart pumps, your brain thinks, your stomach digest food and process nutrients. However, there is one bodily release that too many people fail to take seriously. Usually, people think they have to wait until the right opportunity comes up, however, with a Fleshlight you can get laid on your own terms and extract the entirety of your own ejaculate, as well as any group of partners, ever could!
First of all, when you cum, your body releases several hormones that are quite important for happiness. Serotonin, oxytocin and norepinephrine are just three of the hormones that get released for guys when they cum. It’s what gives you that cum head feeling where after you jizz you need a few minutes to collect yourself. When you have these sensations you feel more relaxed and happy. There are even health benefits that go along with this like lower blood pressure and a higher feeling of life satisfaction. Everyone knows that masturbation makes you feel better, that’s why they do it so often!
However, the main reason that ejaculation is such an important bodily function is that it is necessary for a healthy prostate. In a study performed in 2016, it was found that guys who jerk off and ejaculate more often are less likely to develop prostate cancer. The benefit was found for guys who cum more than 21 times per month, so that does mean that you need to masturbate pretty much every single day. Other ways to help reduce the risk of prostate cancer include exercising regularly, quitting smoking and eating lots of fruits and veggies.
So you see, jerking off with your Fleshlight is just a part of a healthy prostate regimen! 

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