Tips for Dicks with Romi Rain

Tips for Dicks with Romi Rain

Welcome to another segment of Tips for Dicks where we sit down with one of our Fleshlight Girls for a one-on-one chat where they give us their very best advice for men.

In this episode, we sit down the beautiful and charismatic, Romi Rain.


Let’s face it, as a guy, it’s always hard to know exactly what women want, so getting real advice from one of the hottest (and most experienced) ladies around is a great learning opportunity, right?

Check out her video below OR simply keep reading to see what she had to share.

Tip #1: Dinner Time

“Always offer to pay for her dinner.

“I know, I know. We're in like a new age of ‘women empowerment.’ But, you know if you want a girl to be extra relaxed and think, ‘Oh my god, what a gentleman.’ then pay for dinner. At least offer to.’

“I have to tell you... nothing is going to make a woman's pussy drier than if you make her pay for her own cheeseburger.” (laughter)

Tip #2: Hygiene

“Make sure you smell nice. I personally don't like too much cologne but I know some people do. For me, like a little bit of “spritz,” that’s all you need.

“Frankly, I'm kind of more attracted to guys like right after the gym after you had a little run on. Make sure you take a little bit of water, splash it on those balls.

“I like a little bit of a scent behind your ears and on your back, but I don't want to taste pickle juice when I'm about to suck your dick.


“All in all, cleanliness is next to godliness! And there's nothing that makes me want to shove my face in a dick more than it looking shiny, pristine, and new, and all for me. 

“I’m like, ‘are you a virgin?’ Ah! Let's find out.” 

Tip #3: Fantasy Sharing

“Make sure to share your fantasies! Communication is key in and out of the bedroom.

“You'll never know what somebody is into unless you ask. I know a lot of freaky girls, a lot of girls even freakier than the men they hang out with.

“Maybe she likes girls, too. Maybe she likes to be tied up. The best thing you can do is kind of share with a partner what kind of porn you like and maybe what kind of porn stars you like and see what they're into.

“Again, communication is key, and remember to speak up if you like something or don't like something. That's how you keep something happening to your body or giving it a rest.

“There's always something fun to do. Our body is our Wonderland, right?”
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