Timeless Toys: Tera Patrick's "Tease" Fleshlight

Timeless Toys: Tera Patrick's "Tease" Fleshlight

Today for our “Timeless Toys” article, we go back in time over a decade ago to remember Tera Patrick and her incredible Fleshlight featuring the “Tease” texture.
Brought on as a Fleshlight Girl in 2008, Tera originally had a very different texture that was eventually redesigned into what came to be known as the “Tease” sensation. 

As you’ll come to learn, it begins with a ridiculously tight entrance and is followed by a series of chambers with gentle, finger-like tentacles that massage you up and down your shaft. 

Keep reading for a look back in time, beginning with a review of former porn star Tera Patrick, herself!


Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick: A Quick Recap

Former pornstar Tera Patrick began her career in the early 2000s and was known by her many fans for her gorgeous looks, amazing body, and mixed heritage, which includes English, Dutch, Thai, and Irish. 

After starting her career, she quickly won a series of premier adult star awards. She also modeled for both Penthouse and Playboy, which named her Pet of the Month in 2000 and led to her spending time hanging out at the Playboy Mansion with the legendary Hugh Hefner. 

In 2008, Tera Patrick became a Fleshlight Girl as we launched her signature lady (and later) butt textures. 

Next, we’ll give you the low-down on everything you need to know about her “must-own” lady sensation, “Tease”.

Tera Patrick’s Fleshlight “Tease”


Tera Patrick’s initial signature lady texture was actually “Twister,” released in 2008. While it was a great sleeve in its own right, our product design team here at Fleshlight decided to create a very special sensation that was even more creative and pleasurable than its predecessor.
Meet Tera Patrick’s “Tease”.

The “Tease” Texture 


Tease can be described as having four distinct chambers with unique and varying textures in each one. Let’s briefly look at each one beginning, of course, with what you get upon immediate penetration of the stunning and exotic brunette Tera Patrick.

Chamber #1

First, as you slowly slide into Tera Patrick’s pussy you’re met with a very tight passage lined with small cross-ribs and several tiny bumps.

Chamber #2

Next, as you push past the small first chamber you penetrate into a second that includes a series of larger, more stimulating bumps. These bumps join in the middle of the chamber and stroke the penis back and forth providing immense pleasure as you push, inch by inch, deeper into Tera Patrick. 

This second chamber becomes smooth only briefly before your cock then penetrates a unique passage designed to lead you to the next chamber: an hourglass structure. It’s designed as a narrow, tight entrance that widens as you move deeper inward. chamber.

Chamber #3

Inside the third chamber, the width of the texture slightly increases offering a welcomed contrast. Here, you’ll again find a new series of long-stemmed bumps that gently glide over your penis.

Chamber #4

Lastly, as you slide into the final part of Tera’s Tease, you’ll encounter a passage with two spiral-shaped crossing cross-ribs. Finally, if you’re endowed enough to reach it, the tail houses a series of bumps in multiple sizes. 

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

Are you still on the fence of whether or not the Timeless “Tease” texture is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect.


For starters, let it be known that if you’re planning on taking a rapid plunge and going all-out, full-speed then you might find yourself finishing quickly. Tease was designed to be intense, tight, and, to speak mildly, stimulating.  
As we saw in the texture breakdown, passages between chambers are often so intense that we included wider chambers to give your penis head a rest every so often. 

As far as suction is concerned, you can expect good suction and consistent gripping tightness throughout this amazing sleeve. 

As we’ve seen throughout this article, if you crave consistent stimulation, amazing penetration, and strong, satisfying orgasm, Tera Patrick’s Fleshlight with “Tease” texture was made with you in mind.
Get yours here!

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