Timeless Toys Presents: The Fleshlight "Flight Pilot"

Timeless Toys Presents: The Fleshlight "Flight Pilot"

Welcome to a new segment of Timeless Toys! Today, we discuss the Fleshlight Flight Pilot, a sleek, compact, and discreet sex toy for men – perfectly engineered for travel and storage. 

Released in 2013, this must-own Fleshlight is a phenomenally textured masturbator with an incredibly bumpy canal and phenomenal suction designed to take you to new heights of pleasure. In creating this sex toy, we completely reimagined our original Fleshlight model to make it softer, more satisfying, and more portable than ever before. 

No matter where your next trip takes you, the Flight Pilot will ensure it’s a pleasurable one!

If this sounds exciting, keep reading to learn all about the Fleshlight Flight Pilot, still among the very best compact sex toys for men today.

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot 

There’s no way around it, the Fleshlight Pilot is truly a timeless toy. 

Released as the first version of what has today come to be known as the Fleshlight Flight series, this male masturbator stands out with its sharp-looking exterior case, which looks more like modern artwork you’d see around someone’s home rather than our typical flashlight-shaped design. 

Add to this its ambiguous transparent colored sleeve insert and a round neutral orifice, and you’ll see that this Fleshlight is vastly different than any other toy released before it.

As with all Fleshlights, while the outward appearance is a joy to look at, it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts. 

Let’s now take a close look at the enticing interior texture of this must-own Fleshlight.

The Flight Pilot Texture

If you read our Timeless Toys segment on Stoya’s “Destroya” Fleshlight, you’ll likely recognize the Flight Pilot’s texture design since it’s a compressed version of this fan favorite. 

Slip your dick through the small, round opening and immediately feel the bumps lined along a short connecting passageway that takes you immediately into the Flight’s main chamber – a circular pocket of rectangular bumps that greet your cock as you enter. These pointy bumps provide a soft stimulation on your penis head, as you move towards the first constriction.

After this gentle stimulation, push deeper and enjoy even more intensive long-stemmed bumps that push outwards, facing your incoming penis. This awesome design delivers the highest stimulation of the Flight Pilot since it provides a direct massaging sensation to your penis head and then wraps firmly around your shaft as you slide further in.

As you move in and out, notice the slight sucking sensation on your penis. 

Want more? Simply screw the back cap a little tighter for your desired suckage. 

Penetrate this compact beast a little further, and the channel gets covered with small cross-ribs for the next inch before going completely smooth at its very end.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

With a cool, attractive, and discretely designed case and a fantastic, tight interior, there is a whole lot to love about the Flight Pilot. 

The texture has a narrow diameter and intense structures that mimic one of the most popular Fleshlight Girl textures of all time. As we mentioned, if you like suction, the Flight Pilot has the capability to fulfill that desire.

Due to its compact size and the ambiguous appearance, the Flight Pilot is highly recommended for men that like to travel and do not want to miss the Fleshlight experience during their trips. 

Aside from fitting neatly in your luggage, the Flight can also be stored nearly anywhere without attracting any unwanted attention.

All in all, if you’re in the market for an any time, any place sex toy, we consider this a must have for every Fleshlight aficionado.

Don’t delay. This is definitely one flight you don’t want to miss... 

Shop yours today!

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