Timeless Toys: Stoya's "Destroya" Fleshlight

Timeless Toys: Stoya's "Destroya" Fleshlight

In today’s edition of “Timeless Toys,” we travel back in time to review the sexy, slender Fleshlight Girl Stoya and her incredibly popular Fleshlight sensation Destroya


Considered one of the most intense sleeves of all time, the Destroya is known for putting male endurance to the test with each and every use. Stoya’s pussy offers you a variety of textures packed into its 9-inch length.

The Destroya features a tight opening with three rings designed to take hold of your shaft, urging you to go deeper. As you penetrate further, you’re greeted with a 360-degree pleasure dome that delivers up a wave of sensations. The man who dares to venture deepest will encounter a small row of teeth and fangs designed to sensually rub and pull. 

Before we thrust into Stoya’s coveted texture, let’s first do a quick recap on the stunning pale-skin brunette and classic Fleshlight Girl.

Fleshlight Girl Stoya: A Quick Recap

At just 19, Stoya began posing nude for artistic work as a side job, which eventually led to “alt-erotic” modeling work. It was during this time that she made a branding decision that would affect her for years to come as she took on the name “Stoya.”


Over time, Stoya established herself in the fetish, BDSM, and “alt” markets with softcore porn efforts. Eventually, in 2007, Stoya finally worked her way into the world of hardcore porn and, in 2010, became a Fleshlight Girl. 

For over a decade, the Stoya Destroya has remained one of our most popular Fleshlights. Keep reading for the low down on her highly reviewed and supremely stimulating sex toy for men.

Stoya’s Fleshlight Texture: “Destroya” 

Stoya’s coveted lady Fleshlight sensation is known for its outstanding intensity, promising nearly any man intense pleasure, fantastic sensation, and a wide range of bumps, ridges, and nubs throughout. 

Let’s take a detailed look at each individual chamber of one of the most popular pussies in the sex toy industry!


Chamber #1 

The Destroya is special for a variety of reasons (as you’ll come to see), but one thing you’ll immediately notice is the drastic differences in texture from chamber to chamber. This is one sleeve that never gets old!

As you penetrate Stoya’s open lips, you’ll feel a very tight diameter surrounding your cock. This section is distinguished by three tightly drawn cross-ribs followed by circular bumps. This combination of textures was masterfully designed to simulate a firm grasping sensation.

As you come to the end of this chamber, you’re met with long-stemmed bumps jutting out of the walls, patiently waiting for your cock to come into contact. The tips of these pointy bumps slide around your penis head in unison as your stroke back and forth. 

You will love the stimulating build-up that leads you into the next chamber.

Chamber #2

To reach the second chamber, the centerpiece, of Stoya’s Destroya, you must first squeeze through a satisfyingly brief, snug passage, only slightly less tight than the entrance. At the beginning of the channel, a ring of rectangular-shaped bumps awaits your stiff member.

Once you pass this structure, the point of highest stimulation awaits you! 
Three rows of long-stemmed bumps angled towards the opening hole are designed to create intense pressure and stimulation.
Finally, the chamber is closed by another bump ring at the rear end.

Chamber #3

Chamber three starts where the previous bump ring stopped and steadily decreases in width with every inch you go deeper. The whole inside of this final passage is equipped with wide cross-ribs. While beginning wide, the Destroya’s tightness increases if your manhood enables you to make it all the way to the end.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

Simply put, if you’d love a Fleshlight with a great variation that never gets boring, Stoya’s Fleshlight is for you!  While intense, this sensation is intelligently designed to also include excellent suction. With the Destroya, rest assured, you’ll always be rewarded with a strong and satisfying orgasm to conclude each and every session.

Get your hands on Stoya’s timeless Fleshlight today! 

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