Timeless Toys Presents: Riley Jensen's "WILD" - Fleshlight

Timeless Toys Presents: Riley Jensen's "WILD"

Welcome back to an all-new edition of "Timeless Toys." In this segment, we'll take a trip down memory lane and deliver you an overview of pornstar Riley Jensen's signature Fleshlight, "Wild."

Riley Jensen Fleshlight

As her toy's name suggests, this adorable and edgy cutie has a wildly textured vagina that deserves a place in your Fleshlight collection. Built to replicate her gorgeous vulva to life-like perfection, this Fleshlight's orgasm-inducing interior can be described by its four distinct regions, each with their own unique features.

If you're ready, now let's learn all about Riley and her satisfying, life-like male stroker, "Wild."

Fleshlight Girl Riley Jensen: A Quick Recap

In case her name doesn't ring a bell, let's first learn a little about the girl herself. 

Riley Jensen is a tight and slender cutie, who has made a name for herself over the years with her on-screen lesbian escapades. A bad-ass chick with a sleeve of tattoos and a 'fuck it' attitude, Riley is mostly known for her hot and horny girl-on-girl and solo scenes while only taking a dick on rare occasions.

riley jensen fleshlight girl

Standing at a mere 5 feet tall and weighing 96 pounds, Ms. Jensen kicked off her porn career at 18 years old while modeling with one of her close friends. Both girls were approached and asked if they might be interested in doing a girl/girl shoot together, to which they immediately agreed.

After this first experience, Riley continued performing scenes for extra cash. After several on-camera sex sessions, she felt it was time for the big leagues and thus moved to Los Angeles, where she signed with one of the industry's top agencies. 

riley jensen pornstar

According to Ms. Jensen, one of her porn career goals was always to have a Fleshlight made of her adorable pussy. And lucky for you, "Wild," her signature sex toy, is available and every bit as pleasurable as it looks.

Let's take a closer look.

Riley Jensen's Fleshlight: Wild

Riley Jensen's little lesbian slit became available for public consumption in May of 2017. With its welcoming open labia and pronounced clitoral hood, her Fleshlight is an exact likeness of the star's most private part.

riley jensen fleshlight pussy

Once inside, Wild's interior texture is densely textured and immediately begins with loads of intensity. Riley's Fleshlight's internal structures change with every inch throughout this sleeve, providing extensive stimulation from start to finish.

Especially prominent are the multiple but varying cross-ribs (often accompanied by large nubs) that live in her texture's mishmash of stimulating features. 

Now, if you're ready, let's head inside Riley Jensen. However, be warned, things are about to get a little WILD!

Riley Jensen’s Fleshlight: Wild's Texture

Riley's vagina's interior can be described as four different yet highly intensive, ribbed regions linked together by various pleasurable nubby transitions. 

riley jensen fleshlight texture

Chamber #1: Ribs Galore

As you slide your member into Riley's snug lesbian slit, Wild's texture welcomes you with a narrow and bumpy ribbed path. Lasting for a little over an inch in length, this entrance is perfectly designed to stimulate just the tip with its tightness and high-intensity texture.

Next, after a short distance, your cock will come into contact with Wild's first transition. This "nub ring" is built with large round bumps that are placed just next to each other in a relatively tight diameter - perfect for all cock girths.

This transitional ring contrasts nicely with the initially vibrating, rubbing experience to a "penetrative" sensation with each thrust. 

Chamber #2: Thatched Cross Rib 

Next up, following Wild's first transition is an exciting ribbed cross grid that runs along the interior canal. This section is specifically constructed to produce a consistent and pleasant rubbing sensation as your penis glides over it. 

Here, the width of this section slightly increases, allowing for decreased snugness. Therefore the grid is pleasantly stimulating but not very intense, perfect for your extended edging sessions.

riley jensen fleshlight texture

Chamber #3: BIG Ribs + Soft Vortex

A little deeper inside, your penis will gently glide over another nub ring. This welcoming penetrative sensation brings you into Wild's third chamber. 

Chamber #4: A Short finale

Immediately upon bursting through Wild's final ring bump into the fourth and final chamber, your penis is immersed into a texture consisting of two mid-sized cross-ribs.

Although this chamber starts deep into Wild's interior (about 7 inches), this area still has a great benefit, providing the sleeve with a space for air to build up, producing a slight sucking sensation that greatly adds to the overall experience. 

For the next two inches, your prick will pass through an all-new series of cross-ribs made to massage and milk you dry in a consistent, gradual fashion.

While similar to chamber two, these longitudinal rib structures are much larger in size. Furthermore, they twist in a counter-clockwise direction in this section (opposite the previous chamber). 

All this is topped off by the alternating stimulation of the two bump rings at both sides of this penultimate chamber, which help to create a steady, tight grip on your hard cock.

Keep pushing inward (if you can), and you'll encounter one final narrow transition which leads you into the final chamber. 

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

On the one hand, Wild is mild and pleasant, but it's densely stimulating, too! What begins as simple yet satisfying rapidly becomes intensive and rougher the further you go. The interplay between these structures creates an extensive sensation with each thrust. Riley Jensen's Fleshlight truly is a Wild experience that we think you'll enjoy!

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