Timeless Toys: Misty Stone's Bump-N-Grind - Fleshlight

Timeless Toys: Misty Stone's Bump-N-Grind

In this week’s segment of “Timeless Toys,” we hop into the Fleshlight Time Machine and travel back a decade to revisit when we launched Fleshlight Girl Misty Stone and her classic replica pussy, Bump-N-Grind.

Known as being the very first Fleshlight sleeve with a perfect, caramel-colored orifice, Bump-N-Grind’s interior is designed with a combination of alternating speed bumps, ribs, and vortex chambers meant to hug, rub, and massage your cock with each stroke.

Before thrusting in between Misty’s tender brown lips, keep reading to learn a little bit about this Fleshlight Girl’s life and career.

Fleshlight Girl Misty Stone: A Quick Recap

Known today as the “Halle Berry” of the porn industry, Misty Stone started her wildly successful adult film career in 2006. 

In interviews, Misty admits that she casually "fell into" working in the porn industry, but later chose to make a serious career of it because she wanted to give it her all and “be the best at what she was doing.”

Needless to say, Misty’s pursuit of excellence has shone time and again throughout her career. 

Whether she’s winning the Urban X Porn Star of the Year award or putting her acting skills on display, Misty Stone’s perky breasts, tight body, and amazing booty are such favorites with fans that Penthouse made her Pet of the Month in December 2014. 

Beyond just the adult industry, Misty has also branched out into more mainstream entertainment in recent years. Look and see if you can spot her in cameos at such series as “Sons of Anarchy” and “Co-Ed Confidential.” In addition to face-to-face acting gigs, she’s also provided voiceovers for the wildly popular video game Grand Theft Auto-V.

Misty Stone officially became a Fleshlight Girl in 2010 with the launch of Bump-N-Grind as her official lady texture.

Let’s take a closer look at what her amazing Fleshlight pussy texture is all about. 

Misty Stone’s Fleshlight: The Bump-N-Grind Texture

Ms. Stone’s wonderfully stimulating Bump-N-Grind texture is made up of two spacious, textured, vortex chambers connected by three individual passageways made up of intermittent rings, cross ribs, and pleasure bumps.

To better understand what makes it special, let’s take a closer look at this highly regarded Fleshlight sensation. 

Penetrating Misty Stone’s Lady Fleshlight

Warm her up… lube her up... then slide right in! 

Slip your rock-hard member in between Misty Stone’s perfect pussy lips and you’ll find yourself immediately inside the first passage of the Bump-N-Grind.

As you begin pushing inside the ebony star, your cock presses through a narrow corridor that measures under an inch in diameter. Thrusting into this passageway, you come into contact with the first of three rings which is covered with a series of flat, round bumps designed to softly tantalize your cock. In between each ring is a cross-rib that creates a tiny constriction that works to pull at you ever so slightly.

Glide through these structures and you arrive at the Bump-N-Grind’s first vortex chamber.

The First Chamber

Each chamber of Misty’s Fleshlight is designed with a “vortex” structure. It’s a relatively wide chamber (by Fleshlight standards) at an inch and half in diameter. The vortex consists of six longitudinal ribs that are designed to slightly twist around your penis in a clockwise direction as you thrust in and out.

Move in deeper, just over an inch, and the vortex ribs flip directions, turning towards a counterclockwise direction.

As you enjoy this twisting and turning region of Misty Stone’s lady sleeve, a little deeper and you come to the end of the chamber, coming into contact with yet another bump ring. 

As they were designed in Ms. Stone’s pussy entrance, this too is designed with staggering cross-ribs separating each ring. 

The Second Vortex Chamber

Slide through the tight, narrow connecting passage and you arrive at the second (and final) vortex chamber. Designed nearly identically to the first, the core difference here is the diameter is half an inch more snug in comparison. 

The cross ribs form the same elongated structure as in the previous vortex chamber. These too provide a twisting and turning sensation as they engulf your dick with every thrust.

Make it to the end of this chamber and you reach two caressing, tender bump rings. 

Beyond these rings, the existing corridor no longer has any stimulating structures but its tightness increases substantially, providing an exciting final squeeze for those physically capable of reaching this deep into Misty’s vagina.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

If you’re looking for a Fleshlight that provides both a realistic and consistently enjoyable sensation, Misty Stone’s Bump-N-Grind texture could be the pleasure product you’ve been searching for. 

As we’ve seen, the Bump-N-Grind insertion is tight, but not too tight. What you get with this texture is a gentle but firm hug on your shaft as well as a pleasant (but not overly intense) stimulation. 

Finally, the two vortex chambers produce an irresistible suction effect that will deliver knee shaking orgasms with each and every use. 

Don’t take our word for it, though. Get your Misty Stone Fleshlight today!

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