Timeless Toys: Eva Lovia's "Spice" Fleshlight - Fleshlight

Timeless Toys: Eva Lovia's "Spice" Fleshlight

In today’s edition of “Timeless Toys,” we travel back a few years to 2015 to cover the stunning Eva Lovia and her incredible Fleshlight butt sensation “Spice.”

Known for its realistic backdoor sensation, with the “Spice” anal sex toy you can expect tightness on a whole new level. Lined with ribbed corridors, numerous bumps, and a varying degree of snugness throughout, this is a Fleshlight that any anal fan should want to own.

Now, hold on just a minute... 

Be a gentleman.

Before you rush to penetrate her plump ass, let’s first learn a little bit about the life, career, and accomplishments of this erotic temptress.


Fleshlight Girl Eva Lovia: A Quick Recap

Eva Lovia, our sexy brunette Fleshlight Girl, has soft hazel eyes, a pierced navel, and a tattoo behind one of her ears. Despite these notable features, it’s her sensuous curves and perfect face that truly set her apart. 

Ms. Lovia is a sexual goddess known for her feminine beauty and exotic flair. Although born and raised in South Carolina, Eva’s unique cultural background is a blend of Spanish and Japanese heritage.

Given her drop-dead good looks, it should come as no surprise that Eva Lovia started her career as a bikini model before becoming a contract performer. Needless to say, she was the object of men's fantasies long before she ever stepped in front of a camera. 

Named Miss December in 2017 for Penthouse magazine, Eva was also the first recipient of the Digital Playground Star award in 2015.
Since she’s known to love both vaginal and anal intercourse, we knew we had to mold her pussy AND ass for the world to enjoy. 

Today, we focus exclusively on her anal sensation, “Spice.” Keep reading to learn if this Timeless Toy is right for you.

Eva Lovia’s Fleshlight, “Spice”


Eva Lovia’s Spice can be described in one word: Tight! 
Truthfully, most anal Fleshlight textures are on the “narrow” end of the spectrum, but “Spice” truly outdoes itself. 

As you’ll see in this sex toy breakdown, only in the central chamber do you see a slight loosening, just enough to give your cock some breathing room.


Chamber #1 

Your spice-mining expedition starts with Eva Lovia’s beautiful backdoor opening. Immediately upon penetration, the first chamber begins. 

Expect a “wide” inviting opening in the very beginning and, after just half an inch, a rapid constriction designed to engulf your dick.

Over the course of the next inch, this tightness increases even further – a true anal sensation! 

This area of Eva Lovia’s butt Fleshlight is finely ribbed and is reminiscent of the classical anal texture “Forbidden.” 

These wave-like textures line the entire chamber and are engineered to produce a gentle vibration as you stroke back-and-forth.

Chamber #2 

Here, in this tiny chamber, you feel a bit of an opening. A very simple recess for your long, hard member to relax. 

This section is just under half an inch in length and, all in all, a very simple break before you reach deeper into Eva Lovia’s butt. 

At the very end of this chamber, there is a bumpy surface with elevated teeth and bumps that provide stimulation that pulls ever so slightly on your penis.

Chamber #3

Next, this chamber marks the centerpiece of “Spice.” 

First, this chamber widens and then remains more or less the same size throughout. Here, there are unique nubs that are spread along its walls that grow larger the deeper you push into chamber number three. 

Expect the intensity to drop slightly within this section while also remaining highly enjoyable.

Chamber #4

Finally, after the last row of bumps, you slide into the final passage of Eva’s Fleshlight designed with long, smooth ribs and a decreasing diameter. Here, the penetration is amazing and feels very similar to the snug backdoor texture from its entry. 

Expect 360 degrees of pleasurable pressure on your cock.

Who Will Love This Fleshlight?

If you like it tight, this is likely the perfect texture for you!
Eva Lovia’s “Spice” is the perfectly designed anal sex toy to give you an authentic sensation that lets you live out your wildest fantasies as often as the urge hits you. 

Get yours here!

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