Reach Organismic Endings: How To Use a Male Masturbator

Reach Organismic Endings: How To Use a Male Masturbator

Stroking yourself to completion is simple and a rockin’ good time. No one needs to tell you how to jack off. However, things start to get a little more complicated when you add a male masturbator into the mix. 

Wondering how to use a male masturbator to get the most out of your solo sex sessions? In this guide, we’ll dive into what male masturbators are, how to choose the best one, and (most importantly) how to use one to achieve the best orgasm of your life. Let’s get started. 

What Are Male Masturbators?

Technically, a male masturbator is any type of male sex toy. These are toys specifically designed for men to use during partnered or solo sex. They can be targeted at a specific body part or for a particular act. 

These devices range from complex hands-free automatic male masturbators to simple hand-powered pocket toys. Here are the main three types of masturbators you should be aware of:

  • Pocket pussies: Pioneered by Fleshlight, these toys are molded after real vaginas for an easy-to-use device that delivers stunning realism.   
  • Anal masturbators: Don’t leave your backdoor hole out of the fun! Anal masturbators are excellent at reaching the sensitive prostate for insane sensations. 
  • Vibrating strokers: These toys use either battery power or a unique design to squeeze and vibrate around your dick. It’s a revolutionary feeling that you have to experience. 

Each of these sex toys is designed to deliver a pleasurable session, but picking the right one can get complicated. Read on to discover the ideal toy for your nighttime routine. 

Choosing the Right Masturbator

This decision is bigger than your next fantasy line-up. It’s more important than choosing your next vacation. Choosing the right masturbator is the key to unlocking years of new and exciting pleasure. Here are some of the factors you need to think about before choosing between pocket pussies, anal masturbators, or vibrating strokers: 

  • Maintenance: Most toys require the same maintenance. You’ll need silicone-safe lube, mild soap (or a sex toy cleaner), and regular access to warm water. (Remember, water-based lube may damage your male stroker or just not work as well.) However, some toys are larger, more complex, or use electricity. With this, a pocket pussy will almost always be easier to clean than a vibrating stroker. 
  • Sex Toy Experience: Are you a sex toy aficionado, or is this your first foray into the wonderful world of sex toys? Beginners who are used to butt-play may feel more comfortable starting with an intuitive anal masturbator. Experts ready for something new may want to try a heavy-duty vibrating toy. 
  • Sexual Preference: Different strokes for different folks, right? If you adore sinking your rod into a warm snatch, then a new pocket pussy will rock your world. If your go-to is an anal massage, then you’ll want a premier anal device ASAP. 
  • Lifestyle: Are you constantly on the road? Travel a lot for work or pleasure? A large vibrating stroker may be tough to get into a carry-on and maintain in hotels. A travel-friendly pocket pussy may be more up your alley. 

It can be hard to choose a new toy. We get it! There are many sensational options, so why not get all three? These toys last you for ages, and stimulating different body parts can improve your sexual endurance.  

How To Use Your Male Masturbator

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of choosing a male masturbator by comparing the different types of devices you can call your own. It’s vital to remember that everyone has different preferences, and preferences change. Be open to new devices, and you’ll be in for a fantastic time. 

Pocket Pussies

They’re like a handjob in a bottle. Here are some of the specific factors to keep in mind before going with this masturbation sleeve.  

  • Lubrication: Standard silicone-safe lube will work just fine here. 
  • Choosing the Right Size: Pocket pussies come in different shapes and sizes. Typically, though, the insertable length will be over 8 inches. There are travel-friendly options that are open at both ends and can be wonderful in a pinch. 
  • Starting Slow: Most individuals won’t need to start too slow with the pocket pussies. Take it easy the first few rounds, and once you’re comfortable, start banging away. 
  • Properly Cleaning: The cleaning schedule for pocket pussies is simple. Wash out with water after every use and clean with a special silicone-safe cleaner periodically. Store in a dry, dark place between use and washes. 

Anal Masturbators

Ah, the joys of anal stimulation. The prostate is like the male G-spot and has plenty of nerve endings that shoot pleasure everywhere. From butt plugs to prostate massagers, anal masturbators deliver plenty of pleasure. 

If you’re considering taking a premier anal massager home, then first consider the following factors: 

  • Lubrication: Use your normal silicone-safe lube but don’t be afraid to lube up the device and your anal passage before you start masturbating. This lubrication will both feel fantastic and reduce the risk of tearing. 
  • Choosing the Right Size: This is especially important when it comes to anal masturbators. These devices come in many shapes and sizes. If you’re new to anal masturbation, then start small. 
  • Starting Slow: Anal play is a different beast. It can be intimidating for many men but ultimately extremely pleasurable. First-time users should start very slow and start with plenty of lube. Feel free to indulge in watching anal pornstars for some fun instruction and self-sex tips.  
  • Properly Cleaning: The cleaning schedule for anal toys is simple. Clean with a special silicone-safe cleaner after every use. Remember, this toy is going in your anal cavity and deserves a little TLC after play is over. Store in a dry, dark place between uses. 

Vibrating Strokers

Vibrating toys can take many forms, but they all have one result: a mind-blowing orgasm. These toys are the top dogs of the sex device world, and we highly recommend investing in one now or working your way up to this masturbation level. 

Here are some factors to be aware of before purchasing the ultimate self-pleasure device. 

  • Lubrication: Like most toys, vibrating strokers require lubrication. A body-safe silicone product will do. Just be careful not to get the lube in battery packs or near plugs. 
  • Choosing the Right Size: These strokers come in all shapes and sizes, from the amazing Vrbo line to the stunning blowjob simulator. Access your personal preferences and choose the most enticing toy. 
  • Starting Slow: It’s pretty important to start slow with these powerful toys, especially if you’re looking for a sexual stamina trainer. Remember, there’s always time to build up intensity. 
  • Properly Cleaning: Follow the standard cleaning procedure for pocket pussies, and you’ll be good. Just ensure you don’t submerge the device if it’s battery-powered. 

Unwind With Fleshlight’s Male Masturbators

At Fleshlight, we prioritize creating body-safe, highly pleasurable adult male sex toys. We also specialize in fantastic dildos, perfect partnered toys for foreplay time, and more. Every person deserves to reach maximum pleasure during their sexual experiences. 

Don’t hesitate; get started on your upgraded masturbation journey with the best male masturbators at Fleshlight.  

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