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Quickshot Turbo: On-the-Go Suction

It's no secret that we here at Fleshlight are known far and wide for one core thing: our supremely high-quality, best-selling sex toys for men.

Over recent years, our loyal customers have returned to buy new products from our ever-growing catalog of masturbators such as the Stamina Training Unit, Fleshlight Turbo, and, of course, our lineup of Fleshlight Girls. 

And for men searching for a compact, discreet, and travel-friendly design, we have one product line that shines above the rest – our Quickshots.


Whether you're riding solo or looking to spice up your sex life, the Quickshot's versatility is second to none. These masturbators might look small, but they pack a punch with incredible interior textures and open-ended caps that allow for a hand or mouth to add additional stimulation.

And now, we've innovated once again, bringing you the Quickshot Turbo.

quickshot turbo 1

Engineered with our patented Turbo Tech, this all-new Quickshot sleeve is an all new compact stroking experience. 

Let's take a closer look. 

The Ultimate Compact Sex Toy: The Quickshot Turbo Fleshlight

This pocket-sized male masturbator was designed to deliver you a snug, sucking, and gripping sensation, totally unlike any previous Quickshot models.

As you slide inside, you'll first notice the Quickshot Turbo's patented suspended entry ring system comfortably latch on to your rigid penis head, begging you to venture deeper within.

quickshot turbo 2

Once your cock slips through the stroker's midpoint, you will feel its second round of gripping snugness–the Quickshot Turbo's floating rings–engulfing your cock, giving it a tight hug as you slide back and forth.

quickshot turbo 2

The Quickshot Turbo combines two of our most popular products into a discreet, open-ended stroker engineered to turn ordinary masturbation into a turbo-charged, intensely pleasurable session. 

Perfect for Couple or Solo Play

The Quickshot Turbo makes for an outstanding stand-alone masturbator – its size and tight grip make it ideal for a rapid round of solo play. 

Likewise, it also excels in partner play as either a blowjob or handjob enhancer due to its unobstructed exit point and signature suction effect. 

Quick Cleanup

Because of its compact size and dual cap design, cleaning the Quickshot Turbo is a breeze! Once you finish, simply pop off the caps, remove the sleeve from its case, and rinse thoroughly.

For additional disinfection and increased longevity of your Quickshot, make sure to check out our product care accessories here. 

The Ultimate Travel Companion

There may be no better sex toy on the market than the Quickshot Turbo when it comes to portability. Its compact and discreet design, combined with its incredible versatility and perfect price point, make it a must-have masturbator for every man. 

What's Included?

Here's what you'll receive in your discreet Fleshlight Turbo Core™ package:

  • Clear Quickshot Turbo Case

  • Quickshot Turbo Orifice

  • Quickshot Turbo Texture

  • Instructions for use and care

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