Pornstar Q&A: Is a Fleshlight Better than a Real Vagina?

Pornstar Q&A: Is a Fleshlight Better than a Real Vagina?


We often have potential customers asking us if a Fleshlight is better than the real thing. So, we decided to ask top male pornstars whether they think that the Fleshlight is better than a real vagina. Here’s what they said:

1. “The Fleshlight Never Gets Tired.”

The thing I like about the Fleshlight is that it is never tired like my girl at home. It’s always ready to go when I am. I just shoot a little lube inside of it, and then I can fuck for as long or short as I feel like! It doesn’t require foreplay and it’s really the perfect lover. Of course I still love to fuck the real thing when the opportunity comes up, but when I’m just chilling at home and don’t want to see if a booty call is available, this toy is a heck of a lot easier!

2. “My Fleshlight Helped Me Become a Star!”

When you’re a pornstar you have to be able to really control your erection and when you cum. Through training with the Fleshlight I have been able to get up to a level where I have complete control over that. I can basically get hard on command and fuck when the time is right. I can go a whole day without spending my load until the director says “Cum!”

3. “My Fleshlight Is Always So Easy To Please”

The Fleshlight is always down to do whatever I want to do. It doesn’t have an opinion and it never gets sore. It’s always ready to go and I can even change out the sleeve to make it more like a pussy, a mouth or an asshole. I have a Fleshlight sleeve to suit all of my moods. Each one feels amazing and while I do still love fucking the real thing the Fleshlight is great for when it’s not available. Would I say the Fleshlight is better than the real thing? What I will definitely say is that it has certain qualities that a real chick just can’t compete with….

Is a Fleshlight better than a real vagina? Probably not… but there are definitely some important advantages to each, and the best way to get the most out of life is to always have both on hand!


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