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Jan 15, 2019

Near or Far You Are Always Within Reach of Your Lover With Fleshlight

Near or Far You Are Always Within Reach of Your Lover With Fleshlight
Have you heard of the exciting new field of teledildonics? It is all about sex toys that are usable over the Internet. You can control your lover’s pleasure from afar so no matter where you’re located, as long as you have an active Internet connection. There are several toys for women on the market, but did you know there is also one for men? It’s called the FleshLight Launch and here is all you need to know about it.

The Launch is a fully automated FleshLight that can not only be controlled by a lover from afar but can also be synced up to certain pre-encoded porn videos. Some of these are VR videos that make it seem like a pornstar is really sucking your dick! You can get fully immersed in the hot world of a porn movie. If you just go to the accompanying website you will find a bunch of compatible videos right there.

The mode where your lover can control the device is called Interactive Mode. If you want to use it yourself, there is a manual mode, so the toy is very versatile. This is an exciting toy because it makes it possible for long distance lovers to get along better. If you feel like you don’t know when the next time you are going to have sex with your partner is going to be, try something like this to feel close even if there are thousands of miles in between you all.
This is the type of toy that can reduce the need for cheating or errant thoughts about others in long distance relationships. It feels like the real thing and you can have a mind-blowing night of love and lust with someone special no matter where they are located. Isn’t technology so amazing?

Check out the Fleshlight Launch here.

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