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MWP: How are you?

Lisa Ann: Good. Thank you for reaching out

MWP: What inspired you to reach out to me?

Lisa Ann: I saw you on Twitter. It was interesting

MWP: Lisa, where are you from?

Lisa Ann: Born and raised in Easton, Pa (home of Larry Holmes) :)

MWP: Who are your top sports teams?

Lisa Ann: Born and raised a Dallas Cowboys Fan. I play Fantasy Sports so I actually follow players and match ups more than teams in hoops. I go to an obsessive amount of basketball games; it helps my writing in the sports world and is great for my show on Sirius

MWP: What does your Sirius radio show, Lisa Ann Does Fantasy Sirius 210/ XM 87 Monday Nights 10pm ET discuss?

Lisa Ann: We cover everything Fantasy Sports related. We also cover injuries, waiver wires and how to manage a good fantasy season. I love it and I won the trophy this year in the Sirius XM Celebrity fantasy football league

MWP: If you had one last kiss on this earth, whom would you want to kiss?

Lisa Ann: My Mom

MWP: Who are the top five sexiest guy celebrities to you?

Lisa Ann: Top 5…

George Clooney: Even sexier with age.

Denzel Washington: He is an OG with incredible style and mystery about him.

Jason Bateman: Random, right? But I believe his comedic presence is so real. So his sense of spirit and presence are sexy to me

Michael Jordan: Just a game changer of a person, huge sex appeal there. Lots to learn from someone like him.

Ryan Reynolds: Because he is married to Blake Lively…

MWP: What can people expect from you in the future?

Lisa Ann: I would like to grow my present role in Fantasy sports with the Sirius Family, as well as welcome some on camera time with one of the many growing and on the way fantasy sports TV networks. It would be a dream come true to become a part of mainstream sports broadcast in any way,

MWP: When did you know you wanted to get into such an industry of directing films? Did you like directing? Do you think you watch enough sports that you can coach a team?

Lisa Ann: Industry: Directing… After years of performing, it was second nature to direct. Producing and directing my own movies allowed me to create the best possible scenarios for my talent. Like many industries, keeping people happy means a lot. But with something as personal as sex, allowing the talent to make all of their choices on pairing really makes for a hot scene and a fun day. Coaching: well I am like a coach as an owner of fantasy teams, lol but I’m not sure about me coaching lol.

MWP: Would you be a defensive coordinator or offensive coach?

Lisa Ann: I would take either role. I have had enough experience with both and I understand the value that the combination of the two, makes for a winning team. I see a different challenge in both.

MWP: Which aspects of earth connect with you most?
Lisa Ann: Mother Nature… I grew up in a family that raised all of our own vegetables and some of our fruits. From seeds to plants, my Dad always made sure I was learning to have respect for the earth, the powers of the earth and the strength of Mother Nature.
We knew no matter how well we tied the corn, if Mother Nature wanted to, with one flash of a thunderstorm, she could knock it al down. I read the farmers almanac as a young girl, repeatedly, now I watch the weather channel daily and have a couple weather apps I love. After years of traveling, I have friends all over, so when I see bad weather, it is nice to check on friends and be In touch with their areas to follow important fundraising needs, blood drives etc. I now live on both coasts and I am always back east for big storms. I love the sunshine in LA, but I love the strength and personal endurance I can achieve when I walk my errands mid winter in NYC.

MWP: If your partner only had one kiss left, where on your body would you want to the kiss?

Lisa Ann: My forehead.

MWP: Who is a better quarterback? Russell or Brady?

Lisa Ann: Well that’s easy, and not just after this past Super Bowl. Brady had more on field experience, more “big stage” performances, playoffs, Super Bowl and he has been in the same playing/coaching systems for long enough to have a very consistent game. We saw him show his leadership skills immensely this season after game 4/5 of the season. But during the Super Bowl, Seattle was able to rattle him a bit and his team really stepped up to get them that win.
Make sure to tune in to Lisa Ann Does Fantasy on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio Sirius 210 XM 87 Monday Nights 10pm E, with Co Host and Roto Expert, Adam Ronis.


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