Keeping up with the Fleshlight Girls: Nicole Aniston

Keeping up with the Fleshlight Girls: Nicole Aniston

Welcome to another edition of "Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girls." In today's article, we interview one of the sexiest (and most successful) petite babes still active in today's adult film industry, the talented Nicole Aniston. 

With her tiny 5'3" pint-sized frame and 34D tits, this blonde has over a decade of experience shooting XXX scenes with some of the finest talents ever to film a porno.

If you still can't quite put a name to a face, stick around! Before diving into our most recent interview, let's take a brief look at the girl herself.

Who is Nicole Aniston?

Born on September 9, 1987, Nicole Aniston is a pornstar veteran known for her incredibly fit body and wild on-set performances. If tight, toned, and tan American girls are what get you hard, look no further.

nicole aniston

Based in San Diego, California, Nicole is the quintessential Californian babe who lives for the region's notoriously laidback, sunny beachside lifestyle. 

After finishing college early, Nicole began her career as a banker, but it didn't take her long to realize she'd prefer to be counting stacks of her own cash rather than someone else's.

She started with a modeling profile that quickly gained popularity, and the requests for her to "take things to another level" began pouring in. 

In 2010 she was in her first XXX movie, "Glamour Solos" from Girlfriend Films. From this point onward, Ms. Aniston went all in, determined to carve out a new career path that would allow her to combine her smarts and good looks in epic fashion.

Nicole Aniston's Porn Career

Unsurprisingly, recognition began pouring in almost instantly, starting with an XBIZ Awards for New Starlet of the Year nomination in 2012; and "Penthouse Pet of the Month" the same year. 

A year later, in 2013, Nicole was selected as "Trophy Girl" at the AVN Awards, where she was also nominated for an AVN Award in the Most Outrageous Sex Scene. 

Now, without further ado, here's Nicole Aniston's "Keeping Up with The Fleshlight Girls" interview. We hope you enjoy getting to know her on a whole other level.

Keeping Up with Fleshlight Girl Nicole Aniston

What does your post-pandemic reality look like? Are you still feeling the effects?

My post-pandemic world is more plentiful and full of love than I ever hoped! 

I'm grateful for the catalysts that arose during the tumultuous time surrounding the pandemic and the chaos that ensued shortly after. I've allowed in so much more healing and self-fulfilled desires, and it wouldn't have ever come without the upheaval of everything I never thought would change. 

I'm so grateful.

What's new in your life here in 2022?

Life in 2022 has been rich with new ideas and fraught with vast waves of spiritual enlightenment. I'm excited for virtually anything that is yet to cross my path after seeing what surprises this year has brought in thus far.

What has been your best experience this year (so far)?

My favorite experiences this year would be largely seen as subtle or unimportant (by others), but in my personal reality, they have been hugely significant, such as communication breakthroughs, learning new healing modalities, and eliminating unnecessary and unhelpful behaviors.

nicole aniston

If you could describe 2022 in one word, what would it be?

Though one word could never do justice or respect to 2022's breadth of events, the word "Assimilation" comes to mind, as most of us seem to be enjoying (or not enjoying) the complex process that now requires everyone to adjust to a new way of living.

Are you currently seeing anyone? If so, can you tell us about them? 

I am currently seeing someone incredibly special, and it's been fun and surprisingly medicinal. 

They have been, in my experience, warm, affectionate, honest, naturally communicative, and totally unlike anyone I've attracted before. 

There's been a growing sense of resolve within me as I get to unlearn every old toxic reaction and sweep out the emotional dust-bunnies, so to speak.

What sort of things can your fans expect out of your OnlyFans content?

My Onlyfans content lately has been reflecting the recent fun and fulfilling nature of my sex life more genuinely than I've ever felt inclined to share and with a renewed insight of confidence. 

I'm so grateful for my amazing members, who have been so encouraging and insightful!

Have you picked up any new hobbies or interests this year? Are there any you are interested in exploring?

My current hobbies have varied between tarot readings for friends and neighbors, Reiki healing sessions, cooking, books, painting, and many more esoteric fascinations. 

I'm always looking for new interests that diversify and broaden my scope of creative awareness.

What has been your favorite project (scene, business deal, etc.) you've been a part of this year?

My favorite project I've worked on this year has been the project with an amazing team. I trust we've built the beginning phase of a new paradigm in the adult industry.

What upcoming projects are you most looking forward to?

Upcoming projects I'll be fortunate to be a part of will be announced soon.

Let's talk about your Fleshlight. What is some of the feedback you've received from your fans? 

I've received SO MANY compliments about my Fleshlights texture, many saying that it's their favorite while exclaiming how they appreciate how each variation offers a deeply satisfying and authentic internal "grip." 

nicole aniston

We hope you've enjoyed reading this segment of "Keeping Up with The Fleshlight Girls" with Nicole Aniston. If you've made it this far, you undoubtedly want to do more than just "get to know" her, so why not give in to temptation? 

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