Keeping Up With The Fleshlight Girls: Madison Ivy - Fleshlight

Keeping Up With The Fleshlight Girls: Madison Ivy

Welcome to this week’s “Keeping Up with the Fleshlight Girls.” In today’s article, we interview the drop-dead gorgeous pornstar and Fleshlight Girl, Madison Ivy

We recently caught wind of Madison announcing that she would be, from now until eternity, donating all of her Fleshlight revenue to charitable causes. So, this means that every single time you purchase a Madison Ivy replica sex toy, the money will be directed toward a charity of her choosing.

Pretty cool, huh?

Keep reading to learn all about the good work that Madison has been up to and how you can contribute!

Madison, a few months ago, you donated your Fleshlight revenue to Meals on Wheels. What inspired you to make this donation?

“The world is going through so much, and I felt I should be doing more. I was looking around, in search of a way to make this happen, and I decided to participate in programs that help feed and aid people in need.

“I knew that, with more jobs being cut every day, these programs are going to struggle. Because anyone who could donate before, probably can't as much now, if at all.” 

How did your fans react to your choice to donate your Fleshlight revenue? How did the adult community react?

“All of my fans have been so incredible. The overall support I’ve received has been overwhelming. There have even been some fans of mine (many who already own my Fleshlight) send in money to add to the pot.

“The adult community has shown so much love and support. Many of my fellow adult stars have gone above and beyond to raise money for charity, including Asa Akira and Liam Riley.” 

Were there other charities you were looking to donate to? Why did you decide on Meals on Wheels?

“I had actually been looking at a lot of organizations. But, I felt food delivery, especially for the elderly, was very important right now. Although Meals for Wheels stole the headlines, I also donated half of my Fleshlight revenue to St. Judes Children's Hospital.

“I wanted to help out the two groups I felt were the most affected by COVID, children, and the elderly. In total, we raised almost $9,169.00.”

Are there any other charities you’ve donated to? Are you involved in any other philanthropic ventures at the moment?

“Yes, I also donate to the Best Friends Society, an incredible animal organization. 

“Currently, I'm actually working on creating a yearly charity drive. It will happen every November and we will call it ‘Cum For A Cause.’

“All revenue made from my Fleshlight, from now until the end of my days, will be donated directly to this charity. 

“The recipients of the charity may change each year, but it will always go to help others in need.”

Do you feel more people have been involved in charitable work due to the effects of the pandemic?

“I've seen so many incredible humans step up, doing anything they can to help. Even if they don’t have much to give, they still want to help.” 

Are there any charities you would recommend donating to?

“Another Organization I would recommend is Feed Our Families. With so many schools transferring to an at-home syllabus, some kids may have a hard time getting fed each day.

“Cafeterias supply a lot of children's meals and without schools open, I fear many will not get proper nutrition.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this segment of Keeping Up With the Fleshlight Girls. If you want to support Madison Ivy’s initiative while also getting a piece of her in return, we can help.

Madison, a self-described nymphomaniac, is known for insanely good looks and petite frame, standing at a mere 4 feet 11 inches. With her taut body and notably tight vagina, it is understandable why you (and men all across the globe) want to have sex with Madison Ivy. 

By buying one (or both) of her Fleshlights, you get to experience what it’s like thrusting in and out of one of the hottest girls in the business while also supporting a great cause and helping someone else in need.

Helping others in need never felt so good. Shop Madison Ivy’s Fleshlights today!

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