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Jan 04, 2018

Introducing the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer

Warm the hole in a jiffy and enjoy!

The Fleshlight SleeveWarmer™ is here to turn up the heat on your masturbation experience with a dizzying new level of realism. This latest Fleshlight upgrade is designed to warm your SuperSkin™ sleeve to a snug, sensual temperature… just like the real thing.

We’re global leaders in autonomous male sex for a reason. So open a window, because things just got even more real.


    The Fleshlight SleeveWarmer is compatible with all Fleshlight and Flight male masturbators and is simple to use.

    • Plug the Warmer into an electricity source, using either the USB cable or wall charger provided. We’ve included adapters for the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia.
    • Mount your Fleshlight sleeve on the upright rod and switch the Warmer on.
    • In less than five minutes, your sleeve will reach 105° Fahrenheit (or 40° Celsius). Our engineers have determined this to be the perfectly realistic temperature.
    • Once heated, the Warmer will automatically maintain the temperature so it’s ready whenever you are.
    • Remove the sleeve and indulge in the warmth, akin to a lush human orifice.

    • Fleshlight SleeveWarmer™. A carefully designed heating rod secured by a stable, non-slippery rubber base.
    • USB cable. Easily charge the Warmer anywhere, anytime..
    • USB adapter. Or, plug the Warmer into a wall electricity outlet.
    • The sturdy base features non-slip pads, making the Warmer an ideal place to store your Fleshlight when it’s not in use.
    • An automatic shut-off feature helps prevent accidental overheating.
    • The Warmer is water resistant to light dampness and splashes.

    Warning: Do not leave the power switched on for anymore than 24 hours at a time. Do not submerge the Warmer in water or other wet places. That means that despite the rod’s enticing shapeliness, it’s for external use only.


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