Introducing Romi Rain's Butt Fleshlight "Tempest" - Fleshlight

Introducing Romi Rain's Butt Fleshlight "Tempest"

As the saying goes, "It's better late than never." 

Although Romi Rain has been a Fleshlight Girl for several years now, her lady Fleshlight, Storm, has been her only signature product available for you to purchase.

Well, lucky for you, that's now a thing of the past.

In this article, we'll introduce the radiant Romi Rain's exciting new butt Fleshlight texture, Tempest.


Before joining the adult entertainment scene, Romi was known for her bold, charismatic personality and love for dance. Together, utilizing these natural talents along with her stunning good looks, she found many opportunities as an exotic dancer in some of the hottest men's clubs in the country. In this line of work, Romi was introduced to a wide range of men who deeply desired more than what she was legally able to give them then and there. They loved her natural charm, fantastic body, and mischievous smile. 

Beyond exotic dancing, Romi moved to a stint in cam modeling. Afterward, when the opportunity presented itself, she jumped over to Playboy Live. This inevitably opened up a pathway to the lucrative and esteemed position in the adult industry that she holds today.


Romi Rain started her adult film career in 2012 and quickly gained fame after appearing in hits like "First Prince 2" and "Romi Rain: Darkside," which featured her first anal scene.

In 2016, she picked up an XBIZ Award for her role in the film "My Sinful Life," which also starred fellow Fleshlight Girl Riley Reid. Her beautiful body, sumptuous breasts, perfectly round ass, and girl next door charm explain why fans find her so endearing.

Let's now explore the ins and outs of her tantalizing new anal texture, Tempest. 

Romi Rain's Butt Fleshlight: "Tempest"

As its name suggests, Tempest is a perfect storm of chaotic pleasure. 

Slide into her tiny backdoor entryway, and you're met with a moderate tightness that gradually increases the deeper you penetrate her. 


Romi Rain's anal texture is essentially one long canal that follows a uniform pattern throughout. This makes for a sensation that all men can enjoy regardless of how deep they enter.  

Tempest's inner lining is made up of a uniquely textured grid, designed to house shallow air pockets that contribute to Tempest's overall suction effect. On top of this grid-like structure lies eight separate never-before-seen cyclone spiral structures, which run diagonally up and down this Fleshlight texture.

Brace yourself; you're in for a wild ride! 

Buy your Romi Rain butt Fleshlight today!

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